My UFO Buddy Joan Bird’s latest group email confronts confusion in UFO/ET world

Joan-Bird-BookLots of times I find myself talking with old friend Joan in my mind. She and I have attended a number of UFO conferences together over the last 15 or so years, and though she is much more versed in this vast subject area than I (see her book Montana UFOs), we both recognize that the entire field is riddled with ambiguity, disinfo, seeming impossibilities, provocations — not to mention provocateurs, spies, and hidden hybrids!

To me it all leads back to my vow to let go of all certainties and just keep opening my mind to whatever possibilities present themselves. Besides, I like to think that perhaps it’s all real, in its own universe. That whatever we can conceive exists somewhere or other. That, indeed, it may be that we invent universes in every act of perception and projection of our own intent.  

Think of a single point in space. Imagine an infinity of straight lines (time lines: cause and effect projections) crosscrossing through that point, each of them making its own kind of “sense.” And then think of the infinity of points! the infinity of spaces! on and on; and how each point, when looked at from close to, turns into a space . . . It’s easy to “get lost.” We ARE lost. Lost in space! We are making it up as we go along! So let’s not get caught up in either/or, eh?

UFO List – The last two months have been full of travel, mostly to see family in KS and CA, but with some other interesting interspersions. One of the most moving was meeting a man in the Bay Area, a friend of my step-sisters, who has written a book about his childhood experiences in an MK-Ultra program. This man is very high functioning, holding positions of great responsibility both in his professional life and as an active member of a Unitarian-Universalist Church. He is also amazingly whole, due to, according to him, some outstanding therapists, and to a young Mexican boy who was with him in this MK-Ultra program.

For those of you who do not know, MK-Ultra was a CIA mind-control program initiated in the l950’s, and continuing at least into the l970’s. Many people know about it through the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. There seem to be some connections with ETs, as many of the survivors mention having seen them in these underground facilities. If you would like to know more about one of the darkest chapters of American history, an excellent and well-documented information source is Fred Burks website, <> and specifically on his site, <>

Personally, I think as citizens we all need to be aware of these human rights violations perpetrated by our intelligence communities. Because of the extent of government secrecy, many in the UFO and other communities suspect that these programs continue today. In fact, many people are suspicious of mass shootings being a result of mind control victims. I certainly think that many of the shootings happening in the U.S. are just due to rampant fear, insecurity, culture of violence and easy access to guns. However, I do not exclude the possibility that some of the mass shootings so tragically common in this country are a result of mind control programs, whether programmed, or unintended consequences of mentally damaged people. Few know that Ted Kaczynski was an unwitting subject in a CIA mind control experiment at Harvard with LSD. Subjects were given no preparation or context for the drug they were given, and no counseling or support while affected by the drug. Such experiments were discontinued, at least at academic institutions, because they were eventually deemed unethical. Kaczynski had a special hatred for psychologists, some may remember.

This MK-Ultra survivor I met has written his story as fiction, and actually a number of people in his UU Church have read an early draft, including my step-sister, who told me about him. He says he thinks more people will be willing to read it as fiction, and I think he’s probably right. He is close to retirement from his job, and then plans to publish his book and begin speaking. I haven’t read the book, yet, but am eager to do so and will of course announce when it’s available.

What I found most amazing was that during these horrific experiences, he and his brother and sister were mentored and to some extent protected by a Mexican boy, who was very intuitive, and wise beyond his 14 years. His grandmother was considered to be the greatest shaman in all the deserts of northern Mexico. She raised him in a small village, and after her death, contact with her continued. He was kind of a shaman-in-training when he was taken into this CIA program. So while my friend experienced unspeakable horrors, he also had miraculous experiences and lessons that changed his life and his view of the world. He is now convinced that we are experiencing a consciousness shift, and that many of the things he learned from this boy not only saved his sanity, but also gave him a more multi-dimensional view of the world, and a deep knowledge of the inter-connectedness of all beings.

Upon returning home, one of the people on this list (thank you, Cynthia) sent me this historic 1997 video interview of Whitley Strieber.

At this point in his life, he had just realized that he had an implant in his ear, and remembered military people being present when it was implanted. He had been learning about MK-Ultra. The question he is wrestling with is, just how much of the UFO/ET story is created by the CIA and “black ops” in our government? Recent publication of the book, The Mirage Men, also raised that question, because the ability of intelligence organizations worldwide to deceive and disinform is their modus operandi.

There are people in the UFO community that believe all the alien abductions are staged by black ops. Steven Greer says he has met short men who said they dressed up in ET costumes for staged abductions. I have come to the conclusion, and I think Whitley also, some 20 years later now, that this may explain some of the abduction experiences, but not all of them. But it’s definitely part of the picture.

Anyway, I found the video very interesting, but it also made me wonder why we haven’t heard more about the analysis of implants when so many people have reported them. Whitley is convinced that his own overlooking of evidence of implants was actually a result of mind control programming.

I appreciated his outrage at the illegality and psychopathology of these mind control programs. He states it unequivocally and powerfully.

The video is 45 minutes long. I sometimes watch these while cooking dinner. He doesn’t go into graphic detail of the mind control technology, just his reaction to it. If you want to know why his response to these programs is so emotional, besides believing he was an unwitting victim, the information is out there. Just probably not something you want to be reading while you’re preparing food.

This is the time for the darkest hidden secrets of humanity to come to light. It’s part of the process of awakening. Not easy, but as Carl Jung said (loosely translated) if we cannot face our own shadow, we are doomed to projecting it onto the other, and to unending violence. True of nations, as well as individuals. Work at both levels is needed. And not easy.

Toward the truth . . .

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