Joanna Macy on Civilization/Climate Collapse: “The closer we get to midnight, the more we lose intellectual capacity. So not feeling the pain is extremely costly.”

The psychiatric diagnosis of PTSD seems to be on the rise among “medical professionals.” As if it’s a special label that only some deserve/suffer.

My question:  Who, in this mad culture, is not living with PTSD? I say this on June 29th, the very day that volatile impulsive Mars, which has been slugging backwards through the final seven degrees of deeply emotional Scorpio, surfacing all sorts of long buried trauma and drama, turns at 23°02 to go direct. From today on, the icky yucky intense gunk that has been unearthed will swell into visibility while slowly but surely gathering momentum for action. What kind of action? That depends on whether or not we can be and remain conscious, acutely aware and witness to how we are being triggered. The alternative is blind fury and despair. 

On Staying Sane in a Suicidal Culture 


Joanna Macy. (Photo: Adam Shemper)

Joanna Macy. Photo: Adam Shemper

“Refusing to feel pain, and becoming incapable of feeling the pain, which is actually the root meaning of apathy, refusal to suffer, that makes us stupid, and half alive,” she said. “It causes us to become blind to see what is really out there. We have a sense of something being wrong, so we find another target and project our anxiety onto the nearest thing handy, whether it is Muslims, or gays, or Jews, or transsexuals, or on Edward Snowden, who is now being accused of being a Russian spy and behind the Ukraine conflict. See how stupid we can be?” She laughed.

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