One wide-ranging news compendium for THIS very day: Astrology, Brexit, War Games (with the Chinese!), side by side pockets of violence and resilience, and, whew, THE UNIVERSE!

As we pause to await Mars slow turning to resume direct motion tomorrow at 23°02 in watery, primal, holder-of-painful-secrets Scorpio —

Closing Thoughts on Mars Retrograde

— let’s remember that we are also in the final days of the two-month long Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune T-cross in mutable signs that has challenged us to learn how to think (left brain) inside the vast mystery (right brain), i.e., how  to balance left brain analysis (Jupiter in Virgo), with expanding perspectives (Saturn in Sagittarius), and full-on communion (Neptune in Pisces).

Part of learning how to analyze and perspectivize events is to “compare and contrast.” For example, this very interesting short post:

Kremlin: Brexit Is Like Soviet Breakup


Another part of learning is to delve into backstories, remembering that any perspective of past, present or future is always one “point of view” among infinities of others . . .

How’s this for a backstory to Brexit?

EU was a CIA project from the beginning

Oh wow!

And, from an even larger perspective, it just might be that —

Brexit is what happens when pie is shrinking

— in other words, that yes, there ARE limits to growth, material growth, on a finite planet. Duh! Will Brexit be the wake up call that heralds a transformation from material to spiritual growth, from competition to cooperation, from separation — from our own bodies, from humans and other species, from the living breathing Earth body — to full on communion?

So far, the only kind of cooperation we manage to effect is war games, for example, what’s taking place now, in the Pacific, that includes the Chinese.

U.S. and China Warships Participate in Massive Pacific War Games

Say wha?

Obviously, things are not as they appear (Neptune also governs deception). But what is the Saturn reality?  And how do we know? What kind of evidence and analysis (Virgo) would do?

Meanwhile, in this country, we hear about violence in Sacramento, eight people stabbed.

Violence in Sacramento shows old and new faces of white extremism

And yet, and yet. How about this headline, focused on Chicago, one location for pockets of urban resilience via re-connection with the Earth mother that are springing up in all sorts of localities, like mushrooms, blooming above the subterranean mycellium that vibrates us all into harmony.

This City is Quietly Becoming America’s Urban Farming Capitol

Pockets of violence and pockets of resilience, side by side. How to compute? How to live in a world which does seem to have separated into two utterly divergent realities, one of hate (fear) and the other of loving aliveness. Well, I say, choose the path of loving aliveness. Focus there, be that. Continuously center yourself as one unique and singular and beautiful Earth antenna, head open to the sky, feet gripping the good ground, heart and hands open to embrace all. Inspire others with your capacity to be present to this great climactic unfolding of the End Times, this vast New Beginning for life on Earth. And meanwhile, remember, remember, the so much vaster expanding context.



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2 Responses to One wide-ranging news compendium for THIS very day: Astrology, Brexit, War Games (with the Chinese!), side by side pockets of violence and resilience, and, whew, THE UNIVERSE!

  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    a coupla thoughts.

    re the EU as some kind of [OSS/]CIA plot:

    Christ, don’t make me defend the CIA.

    the [London Daily] Telegraph article on which that summary was based is worth reading, esp. the part about “The Schuman Declaration that set the tone of Franco-German reconciliation – and would lead by stages to the European Community – was cooked up by the US Secretary of State Dean Acheson at a meeting in Foggy Bottom.”

    “cooked up” is an interesting way of looking at it, as the next paragraph makes clear: “Truman’s motive was obvious. The Yalta settlement with the Soviet Union was breaking down. He wanted a united front to deter the Kremlin from further aggrandizement…”

    iOw, after watching the Bastions of European Civilization basically commit suicide by engaging in two horrendous Collective Acute Psychotic Episodes (euphemistically called WWs I & II, each more pathologically driven than the other and both calling for U.S. intervention to “resolve”) within the short space of little more than a generation, a good case could, perhaps, have been made for “cooking up” something which might, somehow, postpone the final coup de grace –by 1948 so obviously imminent.

    Ancient History aside, Evans-Pritchard [a venerable name in Brit archaeological circles, btw] makes some quite valid points, ranging from the obvious, often out-right pathetic dysfunctionality of the EU (remember Sarajevo?), through the very real threat from the Putinista sociopaths, to the “febrile flirtations of the [Brexit] movement.”

    would that the Situation were nearly as simple as “EU A CIA PLOT!”

    hélas, as you so eloquently put it, Ann, “Obviously, things are not as they appear”

    and those daze are over.


  2. Christopher Crockett says:

    re: Shrinking Pies

    as today’s Fogies used to say, back in the ’70s, “enough for everyone’s need, not their greed.”

    but, viday soupra, those daze are over, too.


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