Brexit, Fragmentation, and Cultivation of Presence

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Now that Brexit seems to have sounded the starting bell for the defeat of the NWO’s intended faceless bureaucratic unelected bureaucracy that would have dictated draconian policies to the entire world, now that the fragmentation of current civilization appears to be gathering steam, I am of course at one level thrilled, and would love to see continued dissolution of transnational corporations, alliances, federations, confederations, trading blocks, etc. — but down to what? “Nation States”?

Here’s one nation state that seems to have figured out how to balance individual freedom and social equality.

After I Lived in Norway America Felt Backward. Here’s Why

And yet, I wonder how much of Norway’s success can be ascribed to the smallish size of its population. Googling the question, I discover that the population of Norway and other scandinavian nations are each under 10 million people. Compare that, for example, to the state of California, about 40 million, or Texas, the most likely state in the U.S. to secede, 28 million.

So what’s a “correct” size for a “nation state”? What kind of a world would be ideal? The word bioregional floats in here, as one way of recognizing not just population but how people live on and interact with the specific characteristics of their land.

How about googling another question: population density per square mile? Would that tell us anything? Or how about the landforms themselves: mountains, deserts, rivers, plains, forests, etc. How do they affect population density and culture?

There’s probably a university “field of study” devoted to the questions I am only barely able to conceive of, much less formulate in words. What is it called? Anybody know?

Meanwhile, as we witness what will most likely grow into a groundswell of fragmentation of all sorts of political, economic and cultural “unions” that we took for granted, and meanwhile, as we scramble to adjust to the ongoing complex and never-before seen fall-out of these chaotic times, let us ask ourselves to remain present to this new adventure we humans have unconsciously agreed to embark upon, all together, the mycellium of our interwoven connectivity fragmenting, disappearing, regrouping in ways that no one, but no one, no matter how much “control” he thinks he has, can understand or predict in advance. And yes, not even A.I. is up to the task.

Simply, let us ask ourselves to remain present, a neutral witness to the unfolding drama. Hold a field of unadulterated compassion for all. Be present especially for those in our personal worlds who find themselves so disturbed by the swirling currents of the zeitgeist that they fragment into a million pieces.

In order to balance the extreme ongoing discontinuity, only our centered presence is necessary. And yet it’s probably the hardest thing to “do,” and must be cultivated. Over time. On a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis. I. AM. HERE. NOW. Over and over again. No matter what. No matter. It all matters. And we are the ones we have been waiting for. No one can save us. But we CAN save ourselves, if we enough of us but put mind and heart to this historic, climactic task.



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