Bernie capitulates to Clinton — and our response?


This is a dangerous moment, a moment when the burgeoning new life within the collective can not only get sidelined, not only squashed, but turn profoundly bitter. Futility could set in. We could give up. Will we?

Now that Bernie has “endorsed” Hillary,

Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton

I ask:

In this rigged system,

Is Bernie Sanders A Principled Sell-Out?

did we ever doubt the outcome?

Were we, once again, hoodwinked into thinking that a single individual could alter the course of history (his story)?

Do we still need a savior, the proverbial “white knight,” coming from afar with eyes blazing to rescue us from our own denial, willful ignorance, laziness, distraction, and refusal of clear focused intention backed by action?

I resonate with peace activist David Swanson’s anguished piece reflecting on the Bernie Sanders phenomenon that aroused the youth into passionate political awareness, and its likely cynical aftermath.

Party’s Over: Quarter Billion Dollars on Bernie. Now what?

And yet, Swanson’s response, more sit-ins, protests, demonstrations, etc. against the prevailing order — do they not feed into the same cultural framework that morphs every event into something for or against something else?

I would rather sit here, in my own midwestern locality, feet on the beautiful growing ground, head open to the sky, cultivating both in my own heart and in the human and horticultural abundance in which I am immersed, the kind of invisible atmosphere (spacious presence, frequency field, setting, context, frame) that feels so glorious and full of abundant possibility that it sucks that old polarizing world into its beautiful maw and dissolves it into a billion sparkles.

Meanwhile, of course, do participate in the political process, especially on local levels, where the rot of corruption is not as advanced.


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1 Response to Bernie capitulates to Clinton — and our response?

  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    as i see it (and perhaps giving him the Benefit of the Doubt), Sanders is fighting a “rear guard” action –a Strategic Retreat, staying in the race with the aims of:

    1) “hoping” (pardon the expression, so ruined by G.W. Obama) to use his followers’ 5 places on the Platform Committee of the Dimmoecan Party to forge a statement which at least *sounds* like something to the Left of Neo-Liberalism;

    2) avoid being Naderized by the Wasserboy-Schultzes and their Odious Dimmoecan Ilk in the event that She Whose Turn It Is should loose.

    as far as 1) goes, the platform will, of course, be utterly ignored –but at least it will be on the record;

    as for 2), it’s unlikely that She Whose etc. will loose against Trump (though some preverts like myself think that that might actually be a better outcome than the opposite case).

    but (and here’s the Kicker), Trump ain’t got The Nod yet, and the McGOPper establishment is doing all it can to keep him from copping that Brass Ring. i happen to think that there’s a very good chance they will succeed, which means that, by Default (i.e., nobody left in the Clown Car), Cruz will be the GOPper nominee.

    say what you wish about Trump (and i’ll sign off on it), but he does have several very, very good things going for him:

    1, and most important) He’s NOT Cruz;

    2) he has come very close to putting the GOPpers in complete disarray;

    3) if he does indeed get the Nod, win or loose he will have a disastrous “down ticket” effect –which means that the Senate will likely change hands, and the GOPper losses in the House will mean that it will be ripe for a change of hands in ’18 (esp. if Trump should actually win).

    note that it’s 3) that strikes Mortal Fear into the Heart of the McGOPer ‘stablishment –eight years of G.W. Obama proves that they do all right without the Oval Orifice, but loosing the Congress is a definite No-No.

    but it’s 1) that demands sober consideration: Trump may be Odious, but Cruz is a very real THREAT:

    Brilliant, Articulate (head of his debate team at Princeton), Ideologically Driven, extremely Well Funded, and –oh yeah– a Devout Christian (with all the grass ruts backing from his coreligionists that Trump –the favorite of the Televangelists, btw– wasn’t able to muster).

    at present, Cruz is something of a Dark Horse, a Stealth Candidate –at least for the “liberal” masses who have been so mesmerized with the near-hysterical Anybody But Trump! campaign which She Whose etc., Wasserboy-Schultz and the Dimmoecan ‘stablishment (with the aid of the “Liberal” Main Flush Media) have been so assiduously (and foolishly) pushing *before* he gets the Nomination. (just axe yourself: which would you rather run against: the transparently fraudulent, stumble-bum, incompetent candidate, or the slickest, most articulate, best funded, truly Nasty one who might well wipe the floor with your hypocritical, criminal ass?)

    “Cruz –He’s Not Trump!”

    not by a goddamned Long Chalk.

    no, Bernie’s walking a very Fine Line.

    as is Warren. (hey, it’s Her Turn too, isn’t it?)


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