More widening perspectives on Brexit

For the first Brexit post, see this.

I like to focus on one pregnant nodal “event” and notice the varieties of perspectives that people of different persuasions tend to lend it. The larger and deeper and more complex one’s capacity for reflecting the 360° surround, the larger and deeper and more complexity one’s potential view of whatever happens. Brexit, as many have noticed, is just such a pregnant event, rife with unknown possibilities, and instantly shedding economic, political, and cultural shocks throughout the human-made artificial systems overlay upon wild nature.

Here’s a few more perspectives. The first three thanks to Joy SL, the final one Joseph P. Farrell’s. I’m pleased to note that several of them end up where I tend to, in the recognition that NATO and the U.S. Empire hegemon may now crumble into irrelevance.

BTW: Of course my own perspective is colored by my own early experiences, as the first child of a (temporary) war-widow during World War II who just happened to wake up during the radio announcement of Hiroshima when I was two years and nine months old. Ever since then, the nuclear consequence of human folly and destructiveness has been front and center in my life. You could say that I have a wider than usual perspective (since it doesn’t just include my own welfare, but tends to be global); you could also say that I am obsessed by my own war/peace blinkers. Both are true. All left-brain contradictions dissolve into the right-brain void. The void includes all possibilities! Each of us with a “point of view” standing on our own two feet upon this good Earth, head either closed into some kind of conceptual helmet or open to the sky, arms and heart either constricted in fear or wide open in love; each of us a vibrating antenna, a standing wave, a mysterious quivering node through which the boundless energy of universe seeks to express in accordance with our own unique inner illumination.

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