Some Widening Perspectives on the Brexit Vote


The Brexit Vote: my instinct says YES to current events which tend to decentralize  transnational corporate power. Thus this referendum, though the YES vote only squeaked by. I googled “Brexit and Decentralization” and came up with this:

Brexit Vote: A Victory for Decentralization

One word in the above piece disturbed me, however —  “liberty” —  since in some circles it’s  code for radical, competitive, predatory individualism, each one do his own thing and to hell with everybody else.

I did very much resonate to Lada Ray’s provocative and comprehensive review of the results:

Brexit Result and Massive New Global Trends

And especially appreciated her analogy between Britain splitting from the EU after 45 years and the sudden peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union 1989-1991. That surprising process coincided with the rare outer planet conjunction of wild, unpredictable Uranus and spiritual Neptune in structural Capricorn. This one coincides with even rarer outer planet conjunction of Uranus and edgy, discontented Eris in individualistic Aries 2016-2017.  She’s not the only one to say that Brexit will be followed by referendums elsewhere, as the people finally wake up to the long planned New World Order agenda that would bind us all as slaves under a single global banner. Hopefully, the success of Brexit will ultimately spell the death knell for the European Union.

Is Brexit the Beginning of the End for the European Union?

And if that’s the case, can the unraveling of NATO and the U.S. Empire be far behind? See Paul Craig Roberts:

The Brexit Vote

Because, as Vladimir Putin recently pointed out, re: all those supposedly “defensive” US/NATO missiles lining the borders of Russia: 

The Main Problem Is, People Don’t Really Understand How Dangerous the Situation Really Is



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