The Astrology of THIS Now: Mars/Scorpio foreground against Eris/Uranus background

As Mars continues it’s slow-motion stoppage in the 23rd degree of Scorpio, directly across from my 23° natal Moon in Taurus, I am both witness to and participant in an extraordinary range of feelings, pulled up from the depths, that are, apparently, at least in my life, being triggered in women, the female, and beyond, the female aspect of creation. That which receives, nourishes, intuits. The female tenderness and sensitivity that can be and has historically been squashed by the male element run amuck, out of control, turning manipulative, even psychopathic.

I sit here, and I breathe, slow down my pulse, move into tai chi or chi kung, feel the flow of chi through my energy body, relax into the primal power that is manifesting during THIS now. Countdown to Mars moving backwards through the seven final degrees of Scorpio, turning direct, pivoting on the same 23rd degree to go forward, Wednesday next, June 29th. Pausing, turning, beginning the ascent up the same rabbit hole it fell into at the end of May, at first slowly, so slowly, but by the time Mars leaves the 23rd degree area, and especially when it exits the profound birth/death/rebirth process signified by Scorpio and changes its state from water-logged Scorpio to questing Sagittarius, the heaviness will ease — not the least because the nature of Mars and of Sagittarius are akin: both are fiery, active, and dynamically set to challenge the status quo.

I speak here of a relatively short but intense Mars in Scorpio process, lasting from the final few days of May through the first few days of August. The key is to allow the feelings, while cultivating the witness, as presence, that calm still spaciousness which allows and holds all the feelings, honors them, and ultimately, lets them go. Mars in Scorpio, ultimately, if we follow it all the way through, produces a clearing process.

However, this relatively short process is dramatically playing out against the background of an extremely rare and powerful conjunction of outer planets, wild and unpredictable masculine Uranus and edgy, discontented goddess Eris, together in the fiery individualistic sign of Aries. The implications of this long-lasting conjunction coloring the zeitgeist are so hoary that I find myself shutting down. Too much to take in. Just too strong, certainly for words, and then some!

But guess what? Astrologer Eric Francis, who has been contemplating Eris and Uranus for years, is on it, viewing the entire century-long Eris/Uranus process, and its conjunctions (at beginning and end of Aries) in particular, both for its dynamically evolving effects on individual identity, and on how this process, via technology, shapes and reshapes the structure of the culture at large.

A stunningly brilliant and illuminating essay. So grateful!

Uranus, Eris and the Riddle of the Internet


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