US/NATO MISSILE MADNESS: Or, how to incinerate not just Russia, but the whole world

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From childhood on, we are indoctrinated to love war. Screenshot from the video game Missile Madness.”


I deliberately titled this post to echo the last post, because it’s the same mind-set at work. Respond to perceived threats with even bigger threats. An eye for an eye.

Furthermore, in this case, the “perceived threat” is made up out of whole cloth, the projection of the inner world of the Neo-Con idiots who have run this corporatocracy at least since the Project for A New American Century was rolled out by the energy and weapons industries, back in the early ’90s, in response to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Remember that heady time when the Berlin Wall fell? We thought the world would finally let go of its murderous insistence on polarity. No longer able to blame “communism” for our frozen fear during the decades-long Cold War, we could finally let go of war altogether. Right? I sure remember that feeling. And boy was I wrong.

Instead, the global hyperpower was born, that great hegemon that now boasts 1000 military bases outside its own borders and is, as I write this, is now placing missiles along the border with Russia, emphasized with of course, war games, involving thousands of soldiers.

What gives? Are we back in the Cuban missile crisis, with the roles reversed?

No, we are not. Because at least that time, we all knew what was happening, or at least we thought we did. We didn’t realize of course, at that time, that the U.S. had placed missiles on the border of Turkey, threatening Russia, and that missiles in Cuba was Russia’s response. No, we just saw Russia, as usual, as the aggressor.

The world narrowly escaped incineration that time. And the whole world collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

Will it this time? Not if NATO and the U.S. Empire has its way. And furthermore, none of us will know it. We won’t even realize what is happening! We will just go on our merry way, our perceptions shaped by what is not mentioned in the mainstream media. Yes. We will ignore U.S. empire’s hyper aggressive provocation while electing the proven Neo-Con, Hillary Clinton, as U.S. President, until the moment when the whole thing blows and then we will wonder, while in spirit body aimlessly circling a bare, ruined choir of a planet, what in hell went wrong.

This Paul Craig Roberts piece needs to be widely disseminated. As does Putin’s response to the US/NATO provocation.

If You Value Life, Wake Up!

Russia to act against NATO’s aggressive rhetoric: Putin

It would be wise to remember that Putin is a martial arts expert. He doesn’t fight fire with fire, but rather deflects it back to its source. Smart man. Wish we had more like him. See

The Astrological Chart for Vladimir Putin

BTW: It looks like there may be the beginnings of insurrection against this horrifically dangerous and foolish provocation within Germany.

German minister warns NATO of “saber-rattling” against Russia




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3 Responses to US/NATO MISSILE MADNESS: Or, how to incinerate not just Russia, but the whole world

  1. Brianna Caradja says:

    I actually moved and currently live in Romania, since 1997.
    I see the fear mongering escalating, I see the idiocy played out by mainstream media.

    And I see, to my dismay, how the majority of folks here actually believe this ! We had NATO tanks parading right thru our capital, Bucharest. Drills, right now, big movement on the Black sea. It’s grotesque.
    Some people I speak with get it. they get the nonsense, the lies. The rest… would you believe those of us activists who talk about it are labeled threats and “communists”now ?

    I was actually finger-pointed by a couple of journalists as a “blatant Putin paid agent”. It started when we opposed Chevron’s shale gas plans here (and Chevron backed out).

    Well, no paycheck, so… 😀 No Putin agent. I have to laugh, otherwise I’d be ready to pack up and leave. Don’t even know where to.

    Hugs ! Love what you do with the community !

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