My Summer Solstice (Miracle) Experience

Our community event took place on Sunday evening, the day before Solstice. My own Solstice experience took place very close to the actual Solstice time, Monday evening.

I decided to take puppy Shadow for a walk just as the Sun was setting and the Moon rising. I wanted to see this Summer Solstice Full Moon from a high point, so headed over to the Bell Tower hill on the IU campus. But alas, when I got there I discovered both Sun in west and Moon in east obscured by their own faintly pinkish clouds.

So we headed home. And that’s when the drama began A light show, big and beautiful, stretching across the northern sky, connecting east to west, Sun to Moon, opposites with each other.

photo light with artificial light

(And you know, that to me, is the essence of letting of fundamentalism: when we can open to the opposites, learn how to blast the “rules” of left brain logic open with light-filled paradox, over and over again.)

light parking lot

light on campus

And that wasn’t the half it. The really amazing experience occurred once we got back into our Green Acres Neighborhood. Walking down 7th┬ástreet, we see a cat near a house. The cat proceeds to walk towards Shadow, stopping briefly every few moments, but then continuing, in a straight line, apparently aimed to intersect with him as he got to a certain point on the sidewalk.

Of course he noticed the cat, and was a bit worried. Who knows what he or she was up to! He’s had close calls with strange cats before. But this cat, well he or she just continued up to Shadow, whose tail by now was furiously wagging in supplication, and touched noses. Touched noses! A strange cat initiates this cooperation, this meeting, with a strange dog! Talk about paradox! Talk about a meeting of the opposites!

Needless to say, I was blown away and recognized this remarkable encounter, and especially its timing for Full Moon/Solstice, as a full-on miracle.

Happy Solstice!

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