Mars, scouring backwards through profound Scorpio, triggers ancient wounds

As ever, we are each of us working, consciously or unconsciously, on both collective and individual levels. We may not realize it, but our personal dramas intimately portray the energetics of the larger collective drama. And now, an alert:

Anyone who was born during the storied time of the late ’60s, for whom Neptune was moving back and forth across the 23rd degree of Scorpio (1966-1968), note that you are now being unconsciously triggered by the current slow backwards scouring of impulsive warlike Mars through deeply emotional and fixed sign Scorpio now at 24° and finally turning at 23° on June 29th to move forward again. This process has been intensifying for the past week or so, and will continue until Mars moves out of that degree zone in mid-July.

What is it about? It’s about how the well of human feeling has been poisoned. Poisoned by who knows what — all sorts of things, most likely, sludgy and confusing personal and collective dramas of all kinds, but poisoned long ago. Those whose souls chose to be born with Neptune on or very near this degree are the canaries in the mine; on at least an unconscious level, they pick up on the triggering mechanism of Mars. And suffer. Suffer in ways they may not understand, but the grief is palpable. Grief over what has been done to us, what we have done to others. Grief that the beautiful Neptunian world of dreams and visions and high high spirituality has been spoiled by weird and addictive atmospherics that leave us gasping for air, utterly demoralized.

I am deliberately not talking about Orlando, because I don’t need to. The same dynamic is working itself out here in Bloomington, Indiana. I too, am deeply impacted by this current Mars transit, since my own soul chose to be born on this planet when the Moon was at the 23rd degree of Taurus, now triggered by opposing Mars.

Just as I have a personal planet impacted by this Mars transit (as does Hillary Clinton), so too, the 23rd degree of all the fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, is being targeted by Mars for detection, implosion or explosion, death and rebirth. It’s not just a generational moment, it’s also an individual one. Plus: Those whose personal planets are connected to the Neptune in Scorpio generational planet at that 23rd degree are especially triggered, ripe for release.

This Mars transit, if we are and remain conscious throughout its excruciating passage, can function to clear out old emotional gunk that has held us in its yucky grip without our even knowing it; it is an intense reminder that we are in the “End Times” of man’s inhumanity to man and nature. That we cannot continue in the same manner. That if we as a people don’t change, and change radically, we are doomed. Not just by AK 47s, but by nuclear bombs, and all the other weapons of mass destruction that we so ingeniously conjure up. How can it be that we’ve created weapons of destruction far more often and imaginatively than we have elected to learn from Nature how she holds and nourishes everything in dynamic balance? Our specialty, especially since capitalism infected civilization, is competition and destruction. Nature favors cooperation, and destroys in order to regenerate. Big difference. She understands and She IS the life cycle. We tend to only want Life for ourselves personally, forever, and Death to anything that interferes with our egocentric ends.

Mars in Scorpio forces us to acknowledge the entire life/death/rebirth process, not only in Nature, but also in understanding, embracing, addressing, and transforming our deepest darkest secret fears. We stretch open our hearts into the Love that bathes the universe in continuous blessing. Nothing is left out. Nothing left over. All is one.

And with that, I offer this latest message from the Dalai Lama:

Why I’m Hopeful about the World’s Future



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4 Responses to Mars, scouring backwards through profound Scorpio, triggers ancient wounds

  1. alex simack says:

    Ann thanks again for the heartfelt postings! (I can’t get back to you yet about a visit as too much else is happening in the Simack world right now.) I appreciate the good astrology, too. Mars retrogrades seem often so terrible. I especially remember the one of summer ’71 which was followed by the terrible Attica prison revolt in upstate NY. This one touches both the missus and me, she with Scorpio sun at 20 degrees, me with Ascendant on same degree.

    I, too, love Ben Fulford altho I sometimes think this must be pure sci fi fantasy. Ditto with David Wilcock, but how can one not love his positivity. My first wife and I used to reach much of Edgar Cayce around the same time, early seventies, we were also learning astrology. My education here began with Joey Goldfarb in the aforementioned Avatars. Later we took classes with Martin Schulman. How about you?

    There is a recent (ten-15 years old) bio of Cayce which I enjoyed so, so much — and it does shed light on Wilcock’s personality whether or not one is a believer in reincarnation.

    Keep up the good fight! We’re in the thick of it too! And I’m rooting for ya!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Fine to wait, Alex, on the mutual tours. Re: I have not studied astrology in person with any teacher. Read lots of books, and have my favorites, especially Rudyhar, Liz Greene and a few others. Including Schulman. But mostly, just looking at my own chart and how transits synchronize with daily and trending events. Plus, in the early years, setting up lots of charts for friends and families, just to look at my chart with each one, knowing our relationship in person, and seeing how it translated into astrology. Kind of bottom-up work, you might say. I absorbed lots of Jung, and still do feel that the collective unconscious, including generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and now Eris) are vital in understanding the flow of the zeitgeist and how it impacts individuals — plus the importance of attuning to these energies consciously. After three years of absorption in the language of astrology, I began to read charts for a living. Did that from 1976 or so on. Tapered way down about 15 years ago, though still do some for friends and a few strangers.

      • alex simack says:

        Well you sure do some nice work with it! I gave away, “lost” most of my books many years ago, having started out much as you describe doing charts for family and friends. I taught an elementary class when I moved to Stelle in the early ’80’s — another intentional community where the subject held much greater interest than it does in Pad right now. When I met Kathy I had to do her chart of course, and her kids’. It’s so easy nowadays to click on and get a free chart. I do follow Gary Paul Glynn’s astroblogick as he is so sympatico with the disclosure movement and, I guess, what you could call Law of One stuff. I don’t promote it here as I’m in enough trouble with “conspiracies” going back to 9/11. Did you ever attend the 9/11 group in Bloomington? Don’t know what happened to them. Some division over Dr. Judy Wood’s work vs. thermites. I wonder sometimes about the twin towers right from the time they were built, as I was living in NYC at the time and although just a lowly construction laborer I would hear talk about how poor the construction, sewage going right into the Hudson, how inefficient the design — I mean I wonder sometimes if they were planned for catastrophic destruction right from the beginning. Well, it sure has been a relief finding another to share these thoughts.

        Intense times in more ways than political as I have a family reunion coming up and have developed some probably psychosomatic symptoms to work through — tho doing better than in the past. Two weddings here later today! We’ll be leaving 6/29 and returning 7/7 and I believe you also said you were traveling soon?

        I do look forward to meeting you.

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