Julian Assange, Lada Ray, and Mars retrograde: HILLARY’S DEMISE?

Current headlines from Julian Assange —

Julian Assange Warns WikiLeaks Will Publish “Enough Evidence” To Indict Hillary Clinton

and Lada Ray —

This lawsuit might end Hillary Clinton’s Run and Prove Election Fraud!

— point to the possible downfall of Hillary Clinton. But there are differences. Assange assumes she won’t be indicted by the current administration, but that the scare might move her to make concessions of some kind. Lada Ray goes further. I especially trust Lada Ray’s instincts, so that when she points to this video, I take note:

For further clarification, I decided to look at her  astro chart.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.57.40 AM

As you can see, Hillary enjoys/endures two huge sets of conjunctions, in two intensely fixed, stubborn, signs. As an entitled woman obsessed with power (Mars/Pluto/Saturn 14°-21°) Leo), she assumes the presidency is her right, and that it’s now her time, her turn; but there’s a catch, a hitch. Those Leo planets happen to sit square (in friction with, 90° away from) the massive Scorpio conjunction (Venus/Mercury/Ascendant/South Node 16°-23° Scorpio) — and her nearby Scorpio Sun — all of them in the 12th house where the deep past lies in shadow. The dynamic between these two very fixed signs, when taken to extremes, leads to the one on the throne (Leo) being toppled from power (Scorpio).

(In spiritual terms, Leo asks us to gain an ego, a self-actualizing, self-expressive center of energy; and Scorpio asks us to make the ultimate sacrifice of our own self-centeredness,. We must let our self-image, our identity, the tiny ego bubble, go — so that we might open to a larger Sagittarian perspective. Whatever throne we ascend, we must willingly step aside when circumstances dictate, or face the consequences.

I can’t help but think of the Tarot Card, The Tower:


Leo/Scorpio portrays is the most intense, exciting, painful drama in the zodiac. And guess what? Here’s the kicker:

Transit Mars, now inching backwards to scour through the final decanate of Scorpio, is approaching her Scorpio stellium, and indeed, will exactly conjunct the most karmic point in her chart (South Node, which signifies the past, what must be left behind, and possibly, atoned for) when it turns, to go direct, on June 29 at 23° Scorpio. The turning point signifies the most intense moment in the retrograde cycle. So mark June 29th, and these weeks leading up to it and beyond. From mid-June through mid-July, when Mars finally exits that degree area, the heat is on, and the burner is turned up boil.

Since transit Mars not only conjuncts her karmic south node, but her Ascendant as well, where the persona meets the world, this dramatic downfall is likely to be something that she cannot hide. The shaming and ignominy will be on full public display. Her enormous pride punched in the gut. Her worst nightmare come true.

I know the above paragraph sounds certain. As if I truly know what I’m talking about. I usually don’t make that claim. But this time, I must admit: I do have trouble thinking that Clinton’s candidacy can survive this powerful, Mars transit crawling through the depths of Scorpio, forcing darkness to the surface. The timing is just too exacting. The drama is all too real. Divine retribution is at work.

And remember: what happens to her happens to all of us. She is our collective sacrifice. Both the U.S. as a nation, and all of us as individuals, must be willing to let go of our own selfish interests for the good of the larger whole. A tall order. The ego is concretized, determined, and wants its way, no matter what. It takes cour-age (from the French, “coeur”: Leo governs the heart!) to open-heartedly embrace the excruciatingly magnificent lessons of death-and-rebirth Scorpio.

When you combine the Mars retrograde transit with the possibility of a racketeering scandal engulfing the Clinton candidacy, along with information from a channel who I also tend to trust, Barbara Marciniak, who says that August and September are going to deliver changes to the election process so huge that we cannot even imagine them, this collective drama that holds us all in its thrall begins to make sense. (Unfortunately, I can no longer locate the specific channeling that I listened to about three days ago.)

Indeed, I do think that not only does Donald Trump symbolize the wild card that demonstrates and brings to the surface the ugly, racist shadow side of bombastic bloviating cowboy America, so this entire election cycle has an intensely wild quality. We are moving through uncharted territory. Anything could happen next. And probably will. Stay centered. Breathe. And act, within your unique capacity and skill, to create a transformed future in your own local area that will bathe Earth and all her Earthlings in Love’s abundant blessings.


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7 Responses to Julian Assange, Lada Ray, and Mars retrograde: HILLARY’S DEMISE?

  1. JoAnne says:

    HI–I thought Barbara Marciniak had left this place (“died”)
    JoAnne Decker

  2. Christopher Crockett says:

    thanks for this analysis, Ann. Although i have a bit of trouble with the idea that “Divine retribution is at work,” my feeble understanding of what astrology is doing is showing us, in a synchronous fashion, what’s going on at the micro level by putting the Macro Level up on the Big Screen (as it were).

    and the idea that “She is our collective sacrifice” –must serve as an atonement for “the U.S. as a nation” (and, o.k., “all of us as individuals” if you insist)– sounds pretty much right-on. Or, at least, a loose grip on a greasy pole on a slippery slope on the way to being Right-On.

    i can’t quite see The Donald as merely a “wild card,” however –what’s his card in the Major Arcana?

    and, do you have enough information to do his chart?

    what about Cruz’s? (shudder)

    (christ, please don’t share that one if it’s more auspicious than The Trumpsterator’s,
    or i will have to go and dig up my yarrow sticks.)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I do have the data for The Donald and it’s just as perfect as hers in terms of who he is, what he shows. I’ve already posted on him somewhere, but will most likely do so again. What got me about the Hillary post today, was the stunning “coincidence” that linked Mars, its turning point, to Hillary and the timing of these galloping charges against her.

  3. Christopher Crockett says:

    The characterization of The Trumpster as “the wild card that demonstrates and brings to the surface the ugly, racist shadow side of bombastic bloviating cowboy America” is quite apt.

    He most definitely did not create the frightened, confused pathetic sheeple who so willingly and insistently follow him off the cliff.

    He’s merely “demonstrating” and “bringing to the surface” aspects of Amerika which have always been there –more often than not just barely below the surface, and thus quite visible for “those who have eyes to see” (from my favorite rubricated passage in my Red Letter New Testament).

    His Function (in the highest sense of that word) is merely to lift up the rock and expose the [pre-existing] maggots beneath it.

    Yes, he’s “enabling” them –which is certainly bad enough– but I found the attitude of so many “liberals” (most of whom will surely be voting for She whose Time Has Come) back when The Trumpster first emerged from the shadowy slime months ago to be ludicrously funny: they were all so “shocked, shocked to find that there was gambling going on in this establishment.”

    But time is Running Out –the Dimmoecan Convention starts Monday, with the Coronation a Sure Thing by Wednesday.

    So, when’s this much-vaunted, long-awaited “racketeering scandal” going to finally “engulf the Clinton candidacy”?

    Got me so excited I can hardly eat my Pop Corn.

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