Ben Fulford is an optimist!

I just took two hours out of my day to lie on my bed and listen to Ben Fulford, an audio interview with Mike Harris that Kauilapele put up. Wasn’t sure why I wanted to do it, but glad I did so. Fulford is one of those rare analysts who seems to have his finger on the complex pulse of the dynamic, prolonged multi-pronged chess game of global politics. His posts read like science fiction, or they used to. Increasingly, I’m beginning to synch into his panoramic vision, of a world at war transformed into planetary paradise, shifting the function of much of the same cultural and technological infrastructure by tweaking incentives.

A few notes:

Really appreciated his remark that ISIS and Al Queda and all the other ragtag mercenary groups fighting in the mideast should have badges on their uniforms that read “Shell,” “BP,” and so on, to identify the corporate funders of these poor impoverished, desperate saps used as puppets in the fight for control of the oil supply.

Also appreciated his vision of the future of the Military Industrial Complex as the “Planetary Protection Agency”! His interviewer, Mike Harris, mentioned that there is already such a force somewhere in Africa, composed of ex special forces men who protect endangered species. They love their job, because they are doing good.

Fulford assumes that once the head people are correctly identified, and removed, that the corporate global pyramid will collapse, since everyone under them is used to taking orders from above.

To the question about the possibility that even the top people are puppets, controlled by the “reptilians”  (David Icke and so on), he gave a deft response, saying it’s a terrific metaphor — for that most ancient part of our brain that wants to eat, fuck, fight or flee, and everybody else be damned. Which reminds me of the old Cherokee story:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.50.03 PM

Finally, Fulford presents his visions of the future and arguments for them in broad sweeping strokes, brooking no obstacles. As he says, “We’re almost there.” Listen to find out why.

Benjamin Fulford on Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris


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