So we’re furious (at Bernie’s apparent loss). But are we impotent? NO.


Gardening More Meaningful than Voting in a Rigged Political System

On the other hand, for me this fundamental switch in priorities, from top-down to bottom-up, does not mean that I ignore the political system. Rather, I participate, when I can, and certainly to help elect local officials who do have local interests at heart.

The point is, we must do both, both acknowledge the corruption infecting our society seemingly at all levels while using the absolute fury generated from that recognition as fuel to empower a new society that already, in thousands upon thousands of local pockets, is being conceived and birthed by people who know each other personally, who love this beautiful land, and who decide to take back their own power, share the burden, and reconnect with the living Earth.

Here’s happy podmate Rebecca, a few weeks ago, on the ground in Green Acres.


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  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    As a long time politico, an activist and a gardener, I couldn’t agree more. I might throw in that I am also a yogi and the combination of those things, keeps me empowered. I challenge the corrupt political and bureaucratic system on a regular basis, not just with criticism, but by offering solutions to problems. I run for office, I am again this election. I embrace my sovereignty by living simply and growing much of my own food, eating healthy and doing good manual labor. Keeping one’s self centered and grounded through a spiritual practice is the cap stone of personal empowerment. We do have a choice, despite the corruptness of the political system

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