Garden Tower News: A “shooting” in the hood!

Yesterday evening, just after I had started to heat up my dinner, I saw the message from son Colin (of the Garden Tower Project) that the “Peggy shoot” was going to happen between 6 and 7 p.m. What? There’s been a shooting??

Well, luckily, I figured it out. He meant that they were going to film neighbor Peggy (she helped with the plantings underneath our new neighborhood signs), who has been awarded a free Garden Tower in exchange for agreeing to allow the Garden Tower film crew watch her Tower’s progress. So I turned off the stove, gathered puppy Shadow and iphone, and walked over.

By the time I got there, they had filled the Tower with soil, and Amy, who works with the Garden Tower Project, was helping Peggy decide which plants to put where.


I move in for a close-up . . .


Oops!  Amy looked up. “Ann! You’re interrupting the shoot!”  I scuttle back. And from a safe distance, watch as they insert the first plants.

IMG_3484BTW: In the background, you can see the garage of Mariella’s house. She and the kids are very active in our little Green Acres village, and also helped with the sign plantings. That was the first time Peggy had met them. She told Mariella that the kids were welcome to walk across her lawn up the hill to catch the school bus (rather than walking all the way around). YES!

Here’s a Tower that I replanted with unusually tiny seedlings about two weeks ago (except for the bottom rows which were still producing, so didn’t replant those until six days ago). We started eating from it yesterday. This Tower supplied fresh greens from January on from its location in the greenhouse. Now we’ve moved it to the back porch. And yes, that is a chicken in the background.


By the way, the occasion for salads yesterday was the visit of Joe, a permaculturist who lives in Indianapolis and is developing an ingenious plan to gather young people together who want to build their own tiny homes. He would provide land for them to work together to research both what they each want, the materials and design needed for each of them, and then, all of them would help each other build them, one by one. Love it! Go for it, Joe! He’s close to my age, and needs to meet young people. I told him to come by on Thursday evenings, starting in August, when we restart our weekly Community Dinners.

Here’s one more shot, from the Garden Tower site. And no, those are not monsters!


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