Is there LIFE after the California Primary? Clinton, Trump, Sanders, and the vast unknown.

When old friends Dick and Judy were here for their whirlwind visit, of course, we couldn’t help but bring up the election circus. Dick said that he couldn’t even vote in the California primary, because he had been sent a Republican ballot. . . and it was too late to change it. Something equally bullshit happened to Judy. So they were on the road with no way of making their preferences known at home.

In contrast, our young woofer Ian, who lives three hours away from here, actually took a special trip home to make sure his vote got counted for Bernie on election day.

I don’t know what’s more absurd, the (s)election process that keeps people riveted to a game that most likely has already been decided, the weird, chaotic voter snafus that appear with every single state’s primary, or the intense, dedicated, even devoted idealism of young ones like Ian.

Old folks like me remember the ’60s, and how we too thought we could change things. And maybe we can. But obviously, it’s going to take a long-term dedication to a whole new way of living and thinking. Meanwhile, here’s the good news:

2016: The Year Americans Found Elections Rigged

Not only does everyone now know it’s rigged, but I bet the majority of Americans are like me; they simply cannot stomach voting for either Hillary or Trump.

The Year of the Hated: Clinton and Trump, Two Intensely Disliked Candidates, Begin Their Face-off

Of course, like others who still feel inspired to change everything from the bottom up, I hope that Sanders will change his mind and run as an Independent.

Bernie Sanders as an Independent? He may be dropping hints about a third party run

On the way home from our Turkish dinner downtown, Dick asked me what I thought would happen next. And I found myself saying that it’s totally up in the air, that this is a wild year. The system no longer works as expected.

Of course, there are lots of stories about either or both nominating conventions erupting in “fights”:

Why GOP Nominating Convention Might Still Erupt in Fights


Sanders supports floor fight democratic national convention

What else could happen? Well, one or all candidates might be assasinated. That’s a time-honored American “shadow government” tradition. Or some kind of massive false flag might be introduced, timed for the election, “forcing” Obama to call it off and introduce martial law. Yada yada yada. You can get as paranoid as you like, and you still probably wouldn’t hit on what actually will happen during this this explosive year when all bets are off, and the slumbering American public is finally, finally! waking up to the massive corruption in the political process that uses MSM media as an arm of the corporatocracy — either to get mad or get even — or worse; or better! How many Trumpsters are there compared to Berners? Trumpsters believe in swaggering violence, apparently. Berners believe in justice and fairness. I do think there are more of the latter, many many more — not just the youngsters; Dick said he would have voted for Bernie in the primary, and he’s my age, 73.

And I do feel that if enough of us concentrate on working in the invisible realms, by creating and holding a frequency field of love, that we will soften and dissolve the edges of the terrible forces of the collective id now erupting in the body politic.  

That these forces are finally erupting is good. It’s about time. It had to happen. Just how we work with this massive energy is key. Let us enter the flow of the living river of Life; she holds us all, teaches us what’s next, and, through dreams, synchronicities, intuition and visions, activates each of us to our fullest potential.

Remember however, that not even Bernie truly addresses the biggest elephant in the global room, the fact that the American economy has been hijacked by the military industrial complex which itself serves as the guardian of the transnational corporate scouring of the Mother Earth.

Still believe you were meant to be here during this critical time? Then get to work! What is your passion? Follow it. All hands on deck.



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