Finger to the Wind: Individuals, everywhere, are shifting the zeitgeist

My now deceased father — a staunch Republican of the old school, i.e., for whom “conservative” meant what the word said: conserving values, and whose investments had decidedly increased his personal wealth — had his finger to the wind. About ten years ago, while as usual watching Fox News, he turned to me and said, with deep feeling: “Those with money had better start to distribute their wealth to those without — or there will be a revolution.”  

And here we are, on the cusp of who-knows-what, during this astonishing election year, with Bernie and his millions of dedicated followers declaring a “political revolution.” Let’s hope so. Let’s hope it’s not violent.

Meanwhile, here are some harbingers of change, springing up from the grassroots, people of or nearly retirement age, realizing that they want to help ensure the lives of the next seven generations.  Two examples: 

As Boomers Retire, Mom-and-Pop Businesses Shift to Co-ops to Save Jobs

Worker Co-ops, that is, something we are considering here at the Green Acres Urban Farm. 

South Bend developer to transfer old  children’s hospital into co-living apartments

And here’s the kicker for the above post. Tenants will be able to take $25 off their rent for every hour they work in nearby community service!

And of course, if we spend any time at all on the internet, we discover news of constant protests, world-wide, by millions of people rising up to decry continuing environmental and economic ruin. 

But it’s the child who carries the deep message of our time. In this case, a child who wishes he were already an adult, so he could  just do his job.



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