Check out Laura Bruno’s Before and After garden photos!

Here’s another individual, and fellow InDiana blogger, who is shifting the zeitgeist by following her soul’s guidance. She communes with Earth and Earthlings to open and nourish new portals of aliveness and magic. 

Before and After in the Garden


September 2012

September 2012 from our backdoor area: no back fence, no privacy, tons of weeds and unhealthy trees due to black walnut juglone all over the soil. Little waif me excited and with pre-30K-pounds-of-wood-mulch arms!

May 2016 contrast of back yard stump

Same view in late May 2016: elderberries, irises, hazelnut, a healthy mulberry tree, privet hedge growing along the original side fencing, back fence, raspberries, edible dogwood, currants, and gardens galore.

MORE, much more!

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