PHOTOS: The New Sign Ceremony . . .

Not much of a ceremony. Just Brie, Mariella’s kids Asiri and Joachim, and me, at the garden gate. First, the two signs together —

IMG_3391 next, Brie putting up the new sign —

IMG_3392 next, the kids playing in the garden —

IMG_3393and finally a shot where I managed to gather them all together, including puppy Shadow.

IMG_3396Note: the city’s laws on permanent signs have changed, reducing the size allowed. Oh well!

Afterwards Brie gave the kids tomato plants to take home. They were thrilled. Asiri plans on working with us in the garden one afternoon a week.

This little sign ceremony took place during a week of tremendous activity — at this point, it looks like not just three, but up to seven Green Acres homes may be involved in our transformation from neighborhood to village — before September! Geez! All thanks to Brie’s outreach.


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