What It Takes (Took?) To Be “President” of the “United States”

This piece appears to nail perfidious “presidential” qualifications, to the point where we must acknowledge that any president of these here so-called “United States” has to be a puppet or a psychopath, or both.

What It Takes To Be President of the American Police State

So, we’ve got to ask — how does dear Bernie fit into this den of wolves, this nest of thieves? Is it really true that Bernie has pledged to follow the Democratic nominee, even if it’s not him? If so, then what is he doing? Doesn’t this pledge negate his “political revolution”? And what are we doing, as berners? Is this yet another election cycle where “hope” gets trumped by the ever-grinding police state?

And, how would a President Trump fit into the top-down command-and-control military industrial complex police state? Could Trump be controlled? If not, could he be educated (by either the puppet-masters or more enlightened forces)? If the answer to both these questions is no, then are we witnessing the final implosion of the two-faced American experiment that invited “your poor, your downtrodden, your huddled masses longing to be free” while ruthlessly killing off, first, native inhabitants and then, increasingly, land and peoples world wide?

Then again, we’ve got to realize that the problem is systemic and inevitable, the dramatic climax of “late stage capitalism,” which ever requires an expanding police and military force to acquire, maintain and protect the expanding “assets” of the oligarchic .01% funneled up from the increasingly desperate starving mobs of the 99.99%.

The Mental Disease of Late Stage Capitalism

And deeper:

Cultural Insanity: Ponerized western consumer culture is creating a demoralized man in psycho-spiritual crisis.

Bernie’s right. We do need a political revolution. And more, much more. Only a complete transformation and revaluation of all that we hold dear as ensouled incarnate beings on this still-beautiful planet will even begin to address the universal crying need for sanity, well-being, and abundance. Mother Earth can and will provide, if only we listen to her. Let us begin to remember (re-member! put back together again!) our original communion with the Earth Mother.


I feel for Bernie. The task is enormous, absurd, impossible, really, at least to accomplish in one election cycle. The task is also drastically necessary. Bernie has indeed flipped the switch. No longer do we the people — here and elsewhere — consent to tolerate the stultifying status quo.

No matter what happens next, let each of us vow, now — this very moment! — to breathe new life and love into all that we are and think and do.

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2 Responses to What It Takes (Took?) To Be “President” of the “United States”

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Here’s a thought: most of the seats in both houses of Congress are up for grabs. If Bernie is relieved of the need to campaign for himself, he can stump for D candidates down-ticket who “get him” — and we can build a Congress with a revolution-conscious D majority, that can resist the idiocies of corporatist warmongers. And Bernie will still be the Senator from Vermont.

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