This reminds me of life in our two-home (plus the grounds of a contiguous third home) Green Acres Village

All my life, I have been creating, in one way or another, practical/idealistic experiments in community. And these experiments always include the constant balancing and rebalancing of sharing and close-in living with personal independence. For us in Green Acres, rather than eat together every night, we eat together once a week, and invite others as well to our Community Dinners, which at this point magnetize between 15 and 20 people each time. Otherwise, each of us is individually in charge of his or her  own food and food prep. Like this farm community, we are becoming a farm, an Urban Farm. (More on that soon!) And like this rural farm community, we grow much of our own food and relish rubbing up against each other intergenerationally. But they share costs to buy staple food in bulk! Why don’t we do that? I will bring it up at our next pod meeting, tomorrow afternoon, along with other things on my agenda, including having an Hour Bloomington Time Bank meeting/potluck here, sometime in June.

One Family’s Move from Cohousing to a Smaller, Tighter Community

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