How “health crises” reveal the soul’s path

imgresLaura Bruno and I are on exactly the same page in regard to “health crises” being messages from the soul via the body as to what is needed to come back into balance. I’ve had many experiences with the kinds of miracles she describes, the first one being healing from a case of general abdominal peritonitis when I was 26 years old in the hospital after hearing a loud booming internal voice: “Live or die. It’s your choice.” By the next morning, the swelling in my belly had gone down, and the fever, which had persisted over a full week despite dozens of intravenous antibiotics, had broken. This experience was the first and most significant transformational crossroads in my life. The peritonitis had started in the left ovary, and was deeply connected to not just my reproductive, but my stifled creative life. Had I not listened to the voice, I would have died. 

Dodging Health Crises

May 5, 2016

by Laura Bruno

Just a quick post today about something that frequently presents during Medical Intuitive Sessions: how to dodge or minimize a pending health crisis. I often hear from clients after a doctor has given them some kind of dire prognosis, or when some new symptom results in that pit of the stomach realization that something is wrong, very wrong, indeed, with life. These people call me before getting a diagnosis, because they fear the finality of a medical diagnosis and also on some level know that their attitude or the right changes can shift them out of crisis into a “close call.”

You can find many books that remind you of the influence of your mind and emotions on your health. Some favorites include:

“The Biology of Belief,” by Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection,” by John E. Sarno

“Why People Don’t Heal, and How They Can,” by Caroline Myss

anything written by Louise Hay

In my fifteen years as a professional Medical Intuitive, I’ve also noticed some general patterns, which I’ll share here:

  1. Your body usually speaks in the most obvious metaphors. Issues approach the other layers — mental, emotional, spiritual, screaming intuition — before they manifest in the body. If something goes physical, it means you’ve somehow managed to ignore or sideline the earlier messages.
  2. The only thing that speaks as loudly as physical pain for most people is some kind of financial crisis. Not surprisingly, the two often arrive close together.
  3. Your body never betrays you. When I speak with someone about the soul reasons behind his or her various health issues, most people respond with a combination of relief, deep recognition, goosebumps, shivers, and/or tears of gratitude. Your body doesn’t want to cause you (or itself) pain. Rather, your body “takes one for the team” so that your soul can live its full expression in this lifetime. Your body’s willingness to break down in order to remind you of your truth and purpose is a supreme act of love, not an attack.
  4. Each illness or injury has a specific energy signature, but some signatures cluster into general patterns. I often find people with a throat chakra issue, for example, have had multiple whiplash injuries, tonsillitis, hearing problems, and TMJ — and not surprisingly, when pressed these people usually admit to having big issues with self-expression. Similarly, people who have multiple concussions or NDE’s that fail to stop them in their tracks will often come down with Chronic Lyme Disease or some other mysterious neurological illness. Breast cancer survivors who haven’t made permanent shifts will often present with lung issues, circulatory problems, or an autoimmune condition — all heart chakra imbalances. Receiving a physical healing without addressing the underlying concerns simply morphs the issues into the next available health crisis.
  5. People can recover from all sorts of “impossible” situations by aligning with the true path of their soul. Again, your body never betrays you. When you recognize the interconnectedness of all things, including all the nooks and crannies of complex you, ways begin to reveal themselves.There Is a WayThe intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
    Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
    The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
    Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.–Rumi

    Don’t haggle with your health or with your soul. Approached with curiosity and love, every health “crisis” opens new ways of living a more authentic life.

  6. If you embrace the message of a health crisis before it fully manifests, you can often transmute the issue right then and there. I’ve witnessed many a spontaneous healing in my day when someone truly accepts the message their body has begun to scream at them. When people acknowledge the soul cries through a health scare, test results often reveal themselves as “mistakes,” “lost files,” or “surprising turnarounds.” I’ve known people’s cancerous tumors to disappear overnight, hepatitis to evaporate, MS to disappear, cavities to refill themselves, legal blindness to turn 20/20 … and more. I feel so privileged to work with so many people during health crises, because this process reminds me just how amazingly fluid and intentionally benevolent reality can be. We are incredible beings living in a miraculous universe!


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