NOTE: Offline for six days — but first, Jon Rappoport!

Heading south for the 2016 Jamiat Aam (A Sufi gathering) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Will stop in at the Red River Gorge on my way. No internet. YES! Back late Monday.

Meanwhile, here’s a fond farewell for you: how about a Sanders/Trump ticket? Rappoport might only be half kidding.

Trump and Bernie on the same ticket; take the ride


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  1. John says:

    Ha, now at first I thought this was a really funny joke but then as I started to think about it…well it made sense. Of course this assumes that the President and Vice-President actually, really do anything at all. From where I sit after watching this unfold for the last 60 years I would have to say that someone else is pulling the strings and making the decisions. So folks unless the powers that really rule the roost want something to happen, or a certain bill to be passed, it won’t happen. I think a far better strategy would be to root out the people pulling the strings, name the names, provide the evidence (the internet is full of pretty convincing data) and stage a massive silent revolt against the machine. These powers hate nothing more than people who won’t mind them but also won’t raise a fist against them. Imagine what this might look like and what might happen if 50 million Americans were to stage a protest. Imagine…

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