Putin and Kerry: Tensions ease as tables turn?

Like many people who “pay attention” to massive, mysterious geopolitical currents roiling Earth’s biosphere during these tumultuous years, I wonder what’s going on with Putin, how he could appear so unperturbed, serene, unruffled, despite continuous demonization by NATO and the U.S. mainstream media. I’ve seen reports in the last year or so that at least one species of ET “has his back,” so that Putin truly doesn’t have to be concerned by the bristling ring of NATO missiles and tanks and troops either already ringing Russia’s borders or about to be. Then there’s the little publicized story about how the crew of the U.S.S. Donald Cook in the Black Sea was “demoralized” when a Russian jet flew over and disabled its electronics.

Hmmmm . . .

A couple of recent posts may hint that the tables may be turning, with the U.S. now deciding it had better listen up and get with the new program.


Found this on politico. Then noticed it’s being carried by NBC.

Putin teases Kerry for carrying his own luggage

And what could be more mainstream than Charlie Rose?

Putin intelligent strategist, Russia played constructive role in Syria, Iran – Kerry on Charlie Rose



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