Panama Papers Is Media Psy-op In Morphing Info War

When I finally got a chance to look at the much heralded Panama Papers, I noticed one thing: those targeted out of the tetrabites of downloaded data were, guess who? Putin, Iceland, and other rogue figures and states in the crosshairs of the U.S. State Department.. Whaddayaknow? Plus, not one U.S. citizen was mentioned. In fact, the map shown left the U.S. completely blank.


Huh? What about all the billionaires in this country? What about Congress? Etc. Etc.

Needless to say, I immediately tagged the whole broohaha as a cleverly designed media psy-op, targeted, as usual, to make us hate Russia so that “we” can eventually devour even that vast near-pristine heartland on Earth. Too bad the original leaker, who probably had the best of intentions, turned to the MSM to spread the news, which then got cherry-picked, torqued, funneled into a teensy-weensy simpleminded framework ready-made for western propaganda.

Of course I wasn’t the only one thinking that way. And, like me, immediately! Just read the headlines to get the gist.

Panama Papers: A CIA-Soros Psy-op

The Very Nasty Truth about the Panama Papers

Panama Paper and Biased Reporting — Who Benefits?

P.S. I read somewhere that Putin was alerted a week in advance to the massive media attack that would be coming his way. It will be interesting to see what chess move he pulls out now . .

Meanwhile, of course James Corbett was all over it:

What I learned from the Panama Papers

Zeroheadge drudges up some interesting tidbits: like bringing the Panama Law Firm down clears the way for Rothschild to grab even more of the same business, providing tax shelter cover to corporations and wealthy individuals — but no longer off-shore, instead, in the U.S.: Nevada, Wyoming and South Dakota.

“The Cat Is Out Of The Bag” – In Interview Mossack Fonseca Founders Admit It’s Over… To Rothschild’s Delight

washingtonsblog has a good one:

Are Corporate Gatekeepers Protecting Western Elites from the Leaked Panama Papers?

As usual, however, my very favorite, is Lada Ray. More than anyone else I read, she appears to know how to snap events into a geopolitical perspective that I can really, really appreciate:

#Panamapapers Leak and MSM as Weapon of Mass Disinformation: Info War vs. #Putin, #Russia, #BRICS Escalates

Update, April 6, 2016:

Lots more folks are weighing in on this latest diabolical info/disinfo psy-op, most of them mentioning who funds the ICIJ as proof that it’s a bullhorn for the NWO. My computer is loading so slowly today that I’ll ask you to google these names yourself: Pepe Escobar, David Wilcock, We Are Change, Corbett Report, and others. Especially enjoyed Steve Beckow on Golden Age of Gaia this morning.






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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Life is a psy-op… It never seems to end and life is getting to be so predictable and sadly very much an ongoing movie. Quite frankly I am ready for the ending and the credit roll as the LIGHT comes on….Gotta keep breathing…..VK 🙂

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