Bernie’s Religion

If “religion” comes from the word “religare,” meaning “to bind,” then Bernie’s showing us what it means. We are bound to each other, come what may.

This year’s presidential campaign plummets us below the usual political platitudes into a powerful populism not seen or felt for decades. It is exposing the deep divide within the American people, between the best and the worst —and it’s not left/right, Democratic/Republican, male/female, or any of the usual polarities. It’s between those who realize that we’re all in this together, and those who serve only themselves. The divide is between those who see themselves as separate from others, and those who realize there is no Other, there is only all of us together, and as Bernie so eloquently puts it at the end of this poignant little video, “if we destroy the planet because we refuse to deal with climate change, well, trust me, we are all in it together.”

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  1. newtonfinn says:

    As I live through my autumn years, my spirituality has become simpler, more a matter of basic trust than specific belief. None has captured my present outlook better than Albert Schweitzer, whose elemental, elegant principle of reverence for life would seem to be something that all people of goodwill could embrace. Thank you for the nice post about Bernie’s religion, which reminds me of Albert’s.

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