Ken O’Keefe: “If you want to understand the way things work, you have to think like a psychopath, sociopath, pedophile.”

Update: Just finished watching the whole thing. Go to the final ten minutes or so to get the gist of his long-thought out plan to strip the bastards of the power to make endless war. “Unfucking acceptable. . .The world is upside down. And you won’t recognize the world when it’s flipped rightside up! 2016. Let’s make it happen.”

I’m 30 minutes into this recent two hour presentation made to a live audience of only 14 people in Berkeley, California. Extraordinarily informative.

“We are experiencing a rising of consciousness so enormous and so unparalleled that it is scaring the shit out of them.”

“These assholes that we call our leaders are picking a fight with Russia, a nuclear-armed state! Russia does not back down! This system is intentionally milking a third world war. It’s never-ending war! Because nothing is more profitable, and nothing divides people more than war.”

“I’m anti-supremacist big-time — American or Jewish. And when you combine anti-supremacism with incredible power, then you have a real problem. We have no amicable relations with any other nation! We’re just a bully, a classic big bully.”

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