Did you know that Saturn turned to go retrograde YESTERDAY?

And wouldn’t you know, isn’t that just like Saturn, to symbolize delays — in this case of my becoming aware that it indeed turned, which, folks, is a big deal, since it only turns to go Rx about once a year (with a corresponding emphasized day where it turns again, to return to Direct motion about six months later).

What does it mean?


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As usual, I look to what is going on with me to understand the current symbology of the heavens. Yesterday, an astrological client, Katie, called with a question, wondering why she felt so stuck, like mired in mud, can’t seem to get going in the direction she had set for herself. Was feeling flat, no energy or interest in the course of study she assumed she was supposed to get under her belt. Had even paid for the course, but found herself falling farther and farther behind in the homework required. Then, when the course director asked her why she was late, why she hadn’t done her work, she suddenly noticed the huge internal turmoil that had been settling in. Her difficulty in actually accomplishing what she had set out to do. Her feeling of being lost, directionless.

Welcome to Saturn, turning to go retrograde! For about the past five days or so, and continuing through the next five days or so, with the turning point being yesterday, March 25, Saturn asks us to begin to turn inward and focus more closely on all that we have planned, the structures we have put into our lives to direct the flow of our energy, and the reasons why, which involve paying attention to the values and perspectives that we consciously and/or unconsciously use to set up those structures. Every decision comes within a certain framework which establishes both the range of possibilites, and the range of meaning assigned to them. For approximately one half of each year, we are asked, during Saturn’s retrograde period, to gain a fuller self-awareness of the larger context within which all of our decisions are made. Then, when Saturn turns again, to go Direct, having absorbed and integrated this internal process of more fully comprehending what we must do, based on a deeper comprehension of who we are now in our process of becoming, we will be much more able to move forward smoothly and surely towards both goal and framework that have been altered, refined, articulated, developed, during those retrograde months.

Saturn turned at 16°24 Sagittarius. It will resume direct motion on August 13, at 9°46 Sagittarius. For the next five and a half months, we are asked to look again, and more deeply, at all that we are about at this stage in our own developmental process.

Given that Saturn occupies Sagittarius during this retrograde period, the emphasis will be on “the big picture” — values and perspectives. Always, ask: how do patterns and routines in my daily life reflect the larger values and perspectives that I give to my life? What are those values and perspectives, and how have they evolved? Are there contradictions between what I claim to “believe” and what I actually “do”? Notice them, for contradictions are growing points, the nodes that ask you to move into a deeper, more profound awareness of the space that holds them both. As we expand into that space, more possibilities arise. We no longer feel “limited,” “stuck,” mired in an old framework for living and choosing that has lots its life and meaning.

Which brings me to the next point: Saturn, during this period, is “squaring” (90° angle) to two other long-range planets, creating a mutable T-cross with both Jupiter in Virgo (August 2015 through September 2016) and Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025). Jupiter expands our philosophical quest, and in Virgo asks us to focus on nitty gritty details, analysis, and subtle corrections. Neptune dissolves forms, introduces us to the spaciousness that holds them all in suspension. Especially, when it travels through its own sign of Pisces (2012-2025).

On a more mundane front, here at home puppy Shadow has been dealing with itchy skin for weeks, and I finally got hold of myself enough to actually pay attention to it this week, during Saturn’s turning time. One of the things Saturn rules is the skin . . .

So thanks, Katie, for your question, and thanks, Shadow, for your patience (also a Saturn quality) with your Momma.




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