Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A

The outsized, domineering personality of Donald Trump holds up a big, fat, cracked mirror to the U.S.A. For the rest of the world, Trump is us, writ large, commanding, buffoonish, and bloviating. The swashbuckling cowboy who strides across the world stage as if he owns the place, divides and conquers, wreaking havoc, pistols cocked. Who dares to meet him face-to-face but another cowboy? A John Wayne striding out of the swinging doors of the old-time saloon who’ll put this wild stranger in his place.

But who is John Wayne?

There is no John Wayne. All the rest of the characters in this sleazy presidential production play by the fake rules, more or less. Trump trumps the rules, ignores them, keeps on comin,’ polarizing his growing audience, either strongly for or or strongly against.

I decided to look at Trump’s astrological chart. Especially to see how it intersects with the U.S. chart. And what I found astonishes. But pay attention. It’s both clear-cut and complicated, and takes awhile to demonstrate, even longer to absorb. I will try to go slow, take it piece by piece.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.44.39 AM.png


Gemini:Sagittarius Sun:Moon opposition echoes U.S. aggression:innovation

First, Trump was born under a Full Moon in communicative, curious, information and perspective seeking Gemini/Sagittarius, in the 10th house of the public/4th house of home, family, community. Plus, his Sun conjuncts and Moon opposes unpredictable, wild card, individualistic Uranus: He says what he thinks, right now. Whatever is coming out of his mouth just pours out, like lava, with no forethought.

Trump Jupiter trine Uranus exactlyPlus, expansive, generous, bombastic Jupiter at 17° Libra was in a harmonious exact trine (120°) aspect with Uranus at his birth. The man is both unpredictable and very very lucky. Jupiter is in the second house of self-worth, money. (Neptune also in second house, so he’s had his fortune dissolve at times into bankruptcy. He knows money, he knows how it feels to lose it.)


Alpha Male Trump leadership old and sure (conjunct Regulus)

Next, Trump was born with warlike, aggressive, pushy Mars at 26° Leo, just behind the Ascendant, which happens to be the karmic 29th degree of Leo, the degree occupied by the royal star Regulus, “King of the Celestial Sphere.” Trump is the supreme Alpha Male, from birth.

Regulus: The Ruler or Lawgiver, Heart of the Lion

His capacity to connect with the public is symbolized by the fact that his Mars/Ascendant sits directly across from the U.S. Moon at 27° Aquarius (Moon in a national chart represents the public; see U.S. chart below). “We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” (Howard Beale, in movie Network.)

Trump’s 11th house of groups and organizations holds Mercury, Venus and Saturn, all in the sensitive, home-loving sign of Cancer, with Venus/Saturn conjunct. Difficulties with children, male/female relations, and home and family, no doubt. But Cancer also happens to be the sign of the American “Homeland” (see below.) And Trump has, ever since he was a young man, identified with his country, and sought to “make it great again.”

Watch this:

A classmate from high school vouches for him.

Trump’s High School Classmate: His Character Is As Good As It Gets

Now let’s look at the U.S. Chart.

US Natal Chart.png


Notice: The U.S. Ascendant is at 13° Sagittarius, opposite Gemini, echoing Trump’s Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon.


Aggressive (constant wars) and Extremely Innovative.png


And notice that aggressive, warlike Mars and unpredictable Uranus surround the Descendant, which symbolizes “T Other”: the U.S. sees “enemies” everywhere, always has.

America Has Been At War 93% of the time — 222 Out Of 339 Years — Since 1776.

Those same Mars/Uranus placements also symbolize the extremely innovative, inventive, creative soul of this country. Unfortunately, way too much of this creative technological spirit has been funneled into making ever new and more diabolical weapons of war. Turn war-making to peace-making, what would happen? Here, for example, is what a progressive U.S. budget might look like:

Here’s What A U.S. Budget that Prioritizes Peace Looks Like

Neptune buttressed by Mercury.pngThe U.S. chart includes 22° Virgo Neptune as the top-most planet in the chart, near the Midheaven, symbolizing the nation’s path. Yep! “The American Dream” — with upward mobility, a chicken in every pot, and family values.

%22Homeland Security%22Yep family values. That’s huge! Four planets in homeloving, xenophobic, tribal Cancer. No wonder “they” could push “Homeland Security” and people would fall into line.

Except that we don’t believe in the American Dream anymore.

Who Still Believes in the American Dream?

And even if we did, we realize more and more, that we’ve been duped. Neptune, besides being both the planet of dreams and visions, can also indicate confusion, lies and deception.

Hydra-Headed Secret State Octopus . . .

That “secret state” with its massive panopticon surveillance operation is best indicated by another provocative configuration in the U.S. chart, namely Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer (can’t get screen capture of these two easily: look to the left on the chart, 27° Capricorn Pluto, opposite 24° Cancer Mercury). This nation has always been obsessed with power, and not until it reaches its first Pluto return, due in 2022-2023, will it even begin to realize that “power over” is not nearly as productive, not to mention as regenerative, as “power from within.”

Okay, now to look at the two charts together. You’ve probably already picked up on the fact that Trump’s three planets in Cancer echo the U.S. four planets in Cancer. Both Trump and the U.S. people are very concerned about comfort, safety, security, and building walls to keep out strangers. That’s just in the Cancer DNA.

Also, as I already stated, the idea and perspective generating Gemini/Sagittarius axis is shared by both Trump and the U.S. A. And notice, Trump’s Sun at 21° is exactly conjunct the U.S. Mars, and his own powerful Leo Mars is right behind his his own Ascendant. Both Trump and the U.S. are aggressive, knowledge and information hungry, technologically forward-looking, and endlessly innovative.

Now one final look. What’s going on with the both Trump’s and the U.S.’s progressed charts? (These move one degree per year — the same rate the Sun moves per day: so very slowly).

Trump’s progressed chart:

Trump Progressed March 2016


This chart is astounding.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.10.34 PMIt shows that Trump’s progressed Sun (moving one degree per year since birth), has now reached his 29° Leo natal Ascendant! Plus, his progressed Jupiter is at 23° Libra, about to exactly conjunct his progressed Ascendant! And the final kicker: his progressed Mercury at 11° Leo is now exactly conjunct his Pluto. Trump’s coming into the public eye NOW is no accident. Nor is his immense courage in speaking truth to power. All three are Trump’s “trump cards.”

Here’s the U.S. Progressed Chart, again moving the Sun one degree per year since inception:

U.S. Progressed Chart March 2016


I will point out only one thing about the above chart, and that is that the progressed U.S. Moon, which signifies the public, the mood of the people, has, within the past year, moved out of Scorpio — where, for two and a half years of its progression through that sign, strong feelings were building up under the surface — into Sagittarius. The cat is out of the bag. We are saying what we think, and we are glad that Trump is too. (As is Bernie, the other populist; one left, one right).

Now, if we can just get past our fury, and graduate to the higher, more evolved side of Sagittarius. Let’s focus on opening to perspective, the big picture, of what has gone on and why. Once the progressed U.S. Moon moves into Capricorn, two and a half years from now, we will begin to rework the entire apparatus of the secret state that has so ruined not just this country, but the whole world, including Earth herself.

If Trump has done nothing else, he has lanced our angry populist boil with a sharp needle. That’s a good thing. The poison must come out before the healing can begin.

Please check out Jon Rappoport’s posts on Trump. He loves the fact that Trump is an unpredictable disruptor, ruining the status quo, taking a mighty ax to the PTB.

What comes next is up to us. Let us now focus and direct our inspired passion to begin to create a much larger Sagittarian perspective. A wise, philosophical perspective that includes all of us, not just some of us. A perspective that opens wide to the entire human family as family, and the entire solar system family as nested in the larger cosmic order. Nothing is too big to take on, once each of us recognizes our own internal vastness.


Update, 3/21/16: And check out this post, which echoes my own, in non-astrological terms.

Why Donald Trump Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the U.S.A.

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13 Responses to Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, what a wealth of information…a true gift to your readers…a thousand thanks!

  2. Katie Hurley says:

    Ann, I appreciate you for writing, “If Trump has done nothing else, he has lanced our angry populist boil with a sharp needle. That’s a good thing. The poison must come out before the healing can begin.” Lancing boils, lancing boils.

  3. Maxine Bennell says:

    Hi Anne, I have been following your blog for years however this is the first time I have commented. I have been drawn into astrology for the past few years and have read your astrological interpretations of whats happening on planet earth… and of course Trump’s chart makes so much sense as to how he is conducting himself.

    Over here in Australia I have no TV, or radio, so I am reliant on alt news media and astrology to make sense of the “swamp”. I made comment the other day how Trump was the most vilified President I have ever seen.. particularly by Democrats and MSM news. Of course we know why (when you look at the astrology), however we know that his Leo/Leo personality is what the public see.. and “tall poppy syndrome” is alive and well. I’m behind Trump – even though at times he suffers from “foot in mouth disease”, and seems to come across as a bit of an oaf… but frankly.. from where I sit on the other side of the planet, and knowing the mess that trump has to clean up.. who better for the job? He’s one tough cookie.. and with Regulus… lets hope he steers clear of revenge. (And thank you for your wisdom… at 59… I’m learning from one of the best – I love your posts).

  4. David says:

    I commented to my wife recently that Trump was the prick that lances the boil. I am a Sagittarius familiar with foot in mouth disease. I’m travelling to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow for a cruise on the 21st Nov. through Panama and up to LA. I will try my best not to offend the Americans who are going through such tense times. I generally have found them warm and generous but people are on edge. We have so much that links us together. I’ll focus on that. You postponed your trip for thanksgiving which made me wonder about this trip. This Sag. Is a Dec. 16/50 model born 10:45 am Kilwinning, Scotland. Getting ready recently, numerous unusual setbacks have been occurring, hopefully the stars are not foreshadowing ongoing trouble, as I love meeting interesting characters.You certainly are one of those.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Maybe ask for a sign from your higher self. Are you really meant to go on this trip? And see Turtle Turtle’s comment on this blog. He also cancelled plans. As for me, I get the sense that my guides are very relieved that I chose a different timeline by recognizing puppy Shadow’s trembling as the sign I needed to change my mind. Re: your astrology chart: With the MC at 3° Sagittarius, Jupiter is directly connecting with it now. No wonder you want to travel and expand during this time! Also, however, your natal Jupiter at 1° Pisces directly conflicts with that Sag MC, and thus the transit of Jupiter as well. And, given your Moon in Pisces and North Node also there, you are meant to develop psychic attunement in this lifetime, and with their second house placement, this development will be the way that you give value to your self. Good luck in your decision. You’ve got everything you need internally to divine whether or not this cruise is for you during this time.

      • david says:

        Thank you Ann. I appreciate you generosity. I am woefully ignorant of astrology but intriqued by your insightful chart interpretation re psychic attunement. I had helpful knowledge –insights/intuition re my patients (recently retired psychiatrist doing psychotherapy) that did not come from history taking, but I had to work mostly “undercover” as I was quite atypical-drug companies had little support from me as I was mostly trying to get people off meds and encourage personal sovereignty, but the profession did allow me to be in a helpful position when people needed someone in their corner. Now I’m growing veggies and exploring personal interests. I will meditate/contemplate deeply today. Our fate is ultimately our own doing. Someone at a Neil Kramer event recently said “We’re all bulletproof emanations of God so there is really nothing to worry about.”

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, and I think the altered birthtime makes more sense overall. Will do a blogpost on it. Thanks. You are the second person to tell me about it.

  5. Vickie Crow says:

    As someone who uses Astrology to give me insight I find this Article very insightful. One of your last entries was about where an aspect would be 2 1/2 years from now. That would probably be early 2018? Bottom line is with Speaker Pelosi’s announcement today 9/24/19 regarding Impeachment…What will you share. I’m interested. Thank you,

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I doubt the “impeachment process” will take place, since the House needs a formal vote, and RINO Republicans don’t want to show their hand, lest they not be re-elected in the red states that elected them.Furthermore, remember, the Senate has to vote, and the Republican controlled Senate turned into a firewall during the midterm election, which is why Trump spent most of his time on the campaign trail drumming up support for the Senate. I wonder if his strategy was to deliberately “lose” the House, so that their chicanery would be exposed. 4D chess.

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