John Rappoport goes Radical: “Get busy Donald. Push harder.”

It appears that Jon Rappoport and Chris Hedges, despite their apparent differences, are now channelling the same massive disruptive force that, with the two radical pundits, since they, unlike the bull-in-china-shop Donald, are also civilized, enunciate in clipped tones biting words that speak truth.

All three — Donald Trump, Chris Hedges and Jon Rappoport — seem to agree that only a massive disruption of the political/economic/cultural status quo has a chance to save the soul of America.

And yes, tomorrow ‘s date is March 15, the “Ides of March.” Beware! Be Aware! The tsunami tide of complete turnover may be at hand. The surface of “civilization” is ruffling, due to immense currents running deep and profound, below.

Vampire Technocrats Fly to Jekyl Island to Stop Trump

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