Chris Hedges: “Corporate pillage” is both “limitless” and “impervious to regulation or reform”

I tend to want to think that Chris Hedges exaggerates when he writes that only a massive people’s revolt from the ground up will change the increasingly corporatized direction of this country. But then I read this piece, which puts it all together in a precise, concise, teeth-chattering way, detail after detail, configured into the grinding gears of transnational — “neo-liberal” “globalist” — skullduggery devouring every one and every thing on its way to — to what? To the singularity, I suppose, where we all just suddenly disappear into a black hole.

At the very least, read this post to recognize that

1) the U.S. is now in the process of being devoured, just like Mexico and Greece and countless other countries and

2) national elections, pacé Bernie, mean nothing; they play as theatric distractions within the ongoing transnational corporate grab.

The Mexicanization of the United States

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