Please, please see this film: The Experimenter

I almost said, you MUST watch this extraordinary film that I bumped into on Netflix. But then, if I said that I would be acting in the kind of authoritarian manner that this film shows us is verboten, if we want to become fully human and not be suckered into robotic behavior. So yes, please, please, I beg of you rather than insist, do watch this recent (2015) film, in order to recognize what we must (there’s that word again!) do to individuate, truly individuate, rather than continuing to slip down the lonely, guilty, rabbit hole of obedience.

In other words, the bright shining ideals of “oneness,” “communion,” and “union” are laudable, IF and only IF we are first truly, and fully ourselves.

How many are?

Are you?

Am I?


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  1. rose day says:

    Thanks much Ann…this truly is a must see!

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