Paranoia and the Balkanization of Epistemology

Sorry: One of the videos below is duplicated. Some kind of glitch in this new and supposedly better version of wordpress that doesn’t give in draft form what’s actually on the preview page. Grrrr. . .

If you put the following videos together, what do you get? Hopefully, you let go of whatever you’re thinking is for certain, for sure.

The first is a recent X-files clip that downloads the type of paranoia that occupies my brain, when I allow it. Via philosophers-stone.

The second and third are clips from Terrence McKenna that remind me that no one is in control, and that anyone who thinks they know what’s going on is, is allowing an “epistemological cartoon” to infest their minds. Via my friend Ted.

BTW: After a week’s digestion of the presentations there, I can now say that much of what went on at the International UFO Congress felt like the “balkanization of epistemology” (McKenna’s term), with different theories of what’s really happening jangling up against one another as just so many epistemological cartoons (also McKenna). Not sure I want to pursue further, though two questions did and do remain from my sojourn to Scottsdale:

1. What is free will?

2. What if we are living in video game, the rules of which are the rules of evidence and logic in science? If so, then the left-brain focus on making sure that a UFO report is “credible” are actually meta-rules to make sure we obey the rules of the video game . . .

And that video game is floating on the vast sea of Mystery that, once we dip into it, introduces us to the awareness that really, no matter what we believe, it’s silly, and simple-minded, given the dynamic, constantly changing, infinitely complex, and decidedly unknowable nature of all that is.



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