Steven Greer on Fake Alien Invasion

Steven Greer has been saying for a long time that all so-called “evil ETs” are actually created or sponsored by the US military. That “alien abductions” are either military and/or military pretending to be ET. And, he adds, all ETs are actually good. Why? Because if they weren’t, they would have blown us away a long time ago.

Here is the deeper context of why he says what he says, of the agenda to create a third world war through a false flag “alien invasion.” This agenda, he claims, has been ongoing for 50 years — with implications that we need to be aware of. As humans, we “think” we have “free will,” but what if some of what we think and see in our mind’s eye has been “put there” via implants or electronic mind control — by outside forces, namely, black ops in the U.S. military?

He’s right. We need to beware. To Be Aware. To recognize when our thoughts and images are NOT our own. P.S. It’s not difficult. Simply check in with the heart.

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  1. Eden says:

    Except that he’s not taking into account the interdimensional ETs. They don’t destroy us because they feed off of us. Having cleared many of those out of my field, I can say there’s nothing good about them and their intentions in invading my energetic space. I wonder if he’s a disinformation agent.

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