Larken Rose on Anarchism: Learning How to See with New Eyes

It’s not all that difficult, says Larken Rose. All we have to do is remove the foundation stone of the cemented in belief system that has us all in a pickle. That is the belief in authority. Take that away, and the entire edifice crumbles.

I’ve known I was an anarchist ever since I fell in love with Emma Goldman, When was that? Probably sometime in the ’70s. In 2008 I named my puppy “Emma” in her honor.

But I hadn’t analyzed anarchism to its fundamentals, the way Larken Rose truly has. He’s a real philosopher. I have not met that many I consider to be “real philosophers.” I still ponder his idea that by pulling the rug of “authority” out from under, the entire fabric falls. And the idea of having only one universal, a prime directive: to obey ethical principles. Any civilized person does this quite naturally. Simply, don’t attack another. Cooperate. Individuate, Do your thing with no constraints from ordinances or laws of any kind, local to global to cosmic. We’ll do fine once we’re on our own.

I’m going to watch this video again.


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  1. Colleen Conifer says:

    I feel like a fuse has been lit in my brain after watching.

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