Year of the Fire Monkey Ignites

— with yesterday’s surprise exit of pivotal Supreme Court Jus Antony Scalia, plus, supposedly, “World War III” (hot, even nuclear, version) on the near horizon.

Expect the unexpected. Constant swerving to avoid or meet whatever looms ahead. Stay nimble, quick-witted. Swing through trees. Remember, the universe itself is a trickster. Let go of thinking you can control outcomes. That only brings suffering. Instead, center yourself in equanimity, prepared for whatever.

From Lada Ray:

Chinese-New-Year-2016 monkey

Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac

Monkey people are considered sociable, quick, intellectual fast studies, and mischievous tricksters who love practical jokes. They can be quite lucky with money and good as entrepreneurs. They are adaptable and can work in a range of professions. At least, that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. 😉

  • Strengths: sociable, innovative, enthusiastic, self-assured
  • Weaknesses: suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant, jealous

Fire Monkey: Fire creates passion, but can also produce irritation. Passion, quick wit and irritability are common to fire monkeys, and it will be common for this year in general.

Year of the Monkey is always the 9th year of the 12-year cycle. The next Year of the Monkey will be in 2028. Each year of the Monkey is different, depending on the element of the Heavenly Stem. Therefore, this is the Year of the Fire, or Red, Monkey. Such year is only repeated once every 60 years.


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