Gravity Waves are real? OOOOO!



The massive hoopla surrounding the predicted, and possibly detected, existence of “gravity waves,” puzzles me. I’m reminded of way back when, I think it was 1976? — 40 years ago — when I first heard that physics was postulating the concept of “black holes” into which matter was swallowed. Immediately, I thought, “if that is so, then they will also discover “white holes” eventually, where matter is being injected into the galaxy.” In other words, what goes out, must balance what comes in. Isn’t this obvious to anyone?

I googled “white holes.” This, from RT, 2014.

Mysterious Black Holes May Be Exploding Into White Holes

Or, it might be that black holes take matter into another universe, and white holes emit matter from other universes into ours? In any case, unless the concept of “balance” is bullshit, as is the idea that we (and our physics) live in the “3D dimension of polarity,” then, if there truly are black holes, then there must also be white holes, with equal and opposite functions.

As for Gravity Waves . . . of course! What’s the big deal? Didn’t the more sensitive among us already know that? Don’t we who expand and contract with every flicker of emotion, every heart beat, every breath, and notice animals and other natural forms doing the same — flowers opening and closing with the Sun, trees pulsing out leaves in spring and releasing them in autumn; ocean tides rising and falling with the Moon — on and on. Everything breathes. Everything is alive, and pulsing, at different rates of speed, bending space/time. Even, and especially, what we call, for want of a better way to identify this vast, subtle, and deeply powerful mysterium tremendum, “Gravity Waves.”

From cosmosmagazine:

Everything on Earth, including your own body, expands and contracts in concert with the waves. These expansions and contractions are unbelievably tiny, far smaller than a single atom – which is why they’ve never been detected.


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  1. I saw a graphic explanation on television. How Einstein figured this out in 1916 was it. Wow what a mind to take you places. He did everything and barely left his seat Thank God maybe he has information to help us stop what we started. The Earth is killing us off. It is happening so fast it will make your head spin. I do not like gravity. It is the aging factor we cannot escape. It makes us shrink as we grow older. Gravity can and is a good friend to have. I only wish it didn’t make my face fall so quickly. Oh well I am glad I am my age. Cherish everyday. If you love someone tell them so often. Love is are only saving grace. Maybe we will find some more attributes. Good night all and dream the future. It is in the ether. Soon it will touch everyone. Be ready for change. It is coming so soon. Help each other and we can all get through the trails that we are facing. Living in Denial only makes the real world worse off. Get with it and be grown ups. We are running out of time.

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