As Edgar Mitchell dies, Carol Rosin debuts on American Freedom Radio. YES!

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Way back in the early ’90s I attended a conference in Washington D.C. at which Carol Rosin was a presenter. Afterwards, so taken with her talk, I approached her. She and I ended up as not only long-term friends, but I began to publish articles by her in Crone Chronicles, the the magazine I was running, one per issue, that’s four times per year!

Since the magazine ended in 2000, I must have published at least 25 articles detailing Carol’s life story: being discovered as a public school teacher whose students built a rocket ship in the classroom by Verner Von Braun and groomed to be his spokesperson; her subsequent discoveries about the revolving door, enormously “profitable” reality of the aerospace industry, and how weapons manufacturers drum up wars to “test” their newest destructive instruments; the desire of military brass to do good for the world (imagine that!); her undercover work as a peace activist and citizen ambassador to Soviet Russia during the Cold War; the story of her presence at Tim Leary’s deathbed; and other, what were at that time mind-bending experiences, ideas and perspectives gleaned from a very colorful life in which she continues to rub shoulders with influential people world-wide.

Frankly, at the time I was publishing her articles I had trouble “believing” either her analysis or her conclusions — it was just so far out to think that war is but a cynical profit making machine — but something kept me going. I knew what she was talking about just had to come out into the public, even though I didn’t really understand its full import at the time — and still don’t.

At different points in her long and eventful life Carol has been courted by peace activists — to speak up for peace one earth — and ufologists, to give presentations at conferences, see for example, this. But nothing and no one has ever swayed her from her primary goal, to prevent the weaponization of space, which, she says, was given to her as a mandate on the deathbed of Werner Von Braun.

Others say that we’ve already weaponized space. And some say that we’ve got to watch out for the evil aliens. Carol claims that both statements are false. I will be interested in hearing why she feels this way.

Early this morning, Carol sent me an email with the note that Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who was her long-time collaborator, had died, the night before her show began. The timing of his death stunned her, of course. It’s as if, in crossing over to the planes beyond this Earth, Edgar Mitchell launched Carol Rosin’s new radio show which, if it proves to be as interesting as the first segment I listened to, may well finally see their (and our!) common dreams for Peace on Earth come true.

And here’s what I want to add: after listening to this first segment, I finally do understand the urgency of the Space-Based Weapons Treaty. It is this: by preventing the big aerospace companies from continuing their death-dealing ways from earth into space, we challenge them to shift their focus to life-giving technologies in space that can revision, assist, and heal humans, other creatures and our biosphere, on Earth.

I confess: I have been despondent, underneath, about the possibility of stopping the horrendous cancerous growth of the military industrial complex, since it has somassively infected academia, medicine, agriculture, economics, etc. I just did not see it stopping. I felt that the momentum is simply too great. My despondency reminds me of a recent story from peace activist David Swanson —

Bankers, Preachers, fear President Sanders

— where he mentions his astonishment that Bernie’s lack of organized religion has not hurt him in this election, and he rightly praises Bernie’s positions on everything except war-making. Because, as Swanson notes, if Bernie wins, then:

The more hopelessly greedy minds in much of the U.S. plutocracy, right about now, will start wishing they’d been prescient enough to go into weapons making and war profiteering, that sacred realm that Sanders’ spirituality dares not threaten.

Instead of pointing with dismay at the failure of Bernie Sanders to take on the warlike nature of the U.S., instead of getting mired in the plethora of interconnected and seemingly terminal ghastly global predicaments, Carol challenges us to take a larger — indeed cosmic — perspective, one in which the same far-flung and deeply entrenched military industry can transform its aims by enlarging its perspective — and that this transformation will become necessary, once enough nations sign the the U.N. Treaty to keep weapons out of space. See the Treaty at

In other words, we don’t have to dismantle the military might of the U.S., just redirect it.

As she says on her show, when kids fight, just redirect their attention, give them something else to do!

Imagine the opportunity! As Einstein is said to have said, and I paraphrase: you can’t solve a problem at the same level at which it was produced. Instead place that problem within a larger framework. As here: the problem of the momentum for war on Earth can be transformed only if we widen and deepen our perspective to include the cosmos.

Thank you dear Carol. My own despondency over the death-dealing momentum of the MIC has now lifted as I too, widen my own perspective.

From Carol, via email, early this morning:

Scroll to minute 32.44
The American Freedom Radio producer, Danny Romero, played the audio of this at the beginning of my first show, today

Just FYI Here is the American Freedom Radio show:

I’m too sad for words. Sending this with Love in Edgar’s Peace.


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  1. I do feel that this powerful military complex can be recycle as everything else. At these moments on Earth… we are recycling! Why not let them be used to do something positive for our world? I do believe that most of them have a good feeling in their hearts and they wish to give a hand in creating better than destroying. 🙂

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