In the U.S., Guns “R” US. Yes. Unfortunately.

And see this.

Yesterday, while sitting in wait for a window to open up at the Indiana State Department of Revenue, I caught site of this dude, with Harley-Davidson teeshirt, long white beard, and a large, mother-of-pearl handled “piece” hanging from a belt on the left side his waist.

Quick, I pulled out my phone and snapped a surreptitious picture (forgive my hand tremor): You get the idea.


When I told my friend Ted about it, he sent me this:

Gun Homicides in England Are About As Common as Agricultural Accidents in the U.S.

Read it. It’s enlightening.

BTW: I’m not against citizens having guns, given that if they did not, then only the state would have them. And in the U.S., that means something. Unfortunately. But I’d never seen anyone “packing,” in broad daylight. Mine has been a sheltered life.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I wrote to the notion of guns being “Icons of identity” (quoting A.J. Somerset) in this:

  2. Well, now, since you had never seen this man before, and further had not ever spoken to him, the fact that he carried a gun told you all about his “identity”. .??? I beg to differ, ma’am, you know absolutely Nothing about his identity. You know only what you saw, filtered through your prejudices and attitudes. This quick to judge habit of people who generalize is causing a great deal of the disunity infecting our society.

    • You are absolutely correct! I was seeing him through my filters, and thought about that later. Almost removed the comment, but glad I did not, as it inspired you to correct me (and probably many others!). So thanks! Very grateful.

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