Disclosure Time?


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Disclosure (of ET/UFO) does seem to be ramping up, just as the X-files returns to (pretend? to) spill the beans. As usual, the line between fiction and fact grows confused, indeed smears, and meanwhile that “fact” provides “plausible deniability.”

Remember too, that any “disclosure” may be a prelude to the cabal’s “final card,” an “alien” false-flag psy-op. See what Werner Von Braun disclosed to Carol Rosin.

Do you notice how “war” isn’t working so well here on the ground anymore? Notice how we the people are seeing through all the pretexts used to take us there? Aha! Time to take war into space (led of course, by predictive programming via war-in-space movies)— say the capitalist aerospace corporations and banksters who need war to feed their cancerous growth.)

Here’s one long account (haven’t read it yet).

US Military Free Energy & CIA UFO Disclosures Are Here

Steve Beckow has done the monumental job of not just listening to the recent entire four-hour Steven Greer presentation that details the history of ET/UFO/USG, but Steve took notes, and tied the revelations he found most astonishing to specific times in the presentation. So grateful! (When I listened to the presentation, I was lying on my sick bed, and missed some of it, and certainly didn’t feel up to taking notes!)

Dr. Steven Greer: We Own the Light of Disclosure


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