HOW WE DIE and What does Ensure have to do with it?

Note: Ever since January 22, the 4th anniversary of this exopermaculture, I have been tracking the viral nature of one post that shot up on that very day. Now, seven days later,that post seems to be finally winding down — while another one, on the ingredients of Ensure, by terminal cancer patient Carrol Krause, ramps up. But there’s an interesting twist . . . as the number of views winds down, the number of readers who choose to comment accelerates! As of this morning, the Ensure piece has inspired 101 comments, and the HOW WE DIE post 595.

We have inadvertently carved out a space where issues relating to deathing can be addressed, honestly and personally. All sorts of them, in all sorts of ways. In these two threads, I have only had to delete two comments as inappropriate. The rest feel intensely authentic and caring, despite a very few who, on top of their caring, declare judgments of one kind or another. Still, we realize with every fiber of our being that underneath their judgments, sits the heart, bursting with both love and loss.

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  1. Diana says:

    Speechless! I have decided to die with my battlesof illness just like ” How we died then, and how we die now”. I will graciously take then.Thank you for sharing.

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