PHOTO ESSAY: Mid-Winter in our Green Acres Eco-pod

Yesterday, Kat, Brie and I converged at 3 p.m. for our first-ever formal “house meeting.” Brie was prepared to take notes. I started the meeting by suggesting that we might begin with each of us discussing how our shadow has gotten projected during this time of Mercury retrograde. (Mercury turns to go direct tomorrow, January 25.) Others might think it a strange thought, to start a meeting that way, but hey! They were both up for it, which shows me the caliber of the young women (in their 20s) with whom I, an old woman in her 70s, choose to live.

My shadow has to do with judgments, suspicion, paranoia, frantic panic, and the need for control. All pretty yucky, and not at all in the past. Generally, all the effusions of an overwrought nervous system jamming this one who seeks, evermore, through continuous daily practice, equanimity.

Their shadows were similarly yucky, though not at all similar to mine.

That took about 45 minutes. We then discovered that we had no agenda items to discuss! But a discussion ensued anyway, and ran the gamut from Kat’s view of how the neighborhood has and has not evolved over the decades, and Brie’s perspective where we need to go in the future. It was great, the two of them offering the Below and the Above of the context of this two-house ecopod which, BTW, is about to become a three-house eco-pod, at least in spirit. The family that owns the house in back of these two is more than willing to integrate the grounds of that rental home with already integrated grounds of these two houses. More on that later. It’s a really exciting development. Plus, we will work with the owners to decide who goes into that house, once its just initiated remodel is done.

What follows are some mid-winter scenes at the GANG (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden) and other outside areas of this little template for the future of human living in suburban America. All photos thanks to professional photographer Bradley Cox, who happens to be one of our DeKist house podmates. See

Here are the two homes in our eco-pod (Overhill on the left; DeKist on the right). South facing rooftop solar on DeKist supplies both houses. Kat, Brie and I live in Overhill. Rebecca, Leah and Bradley in DeKist.


The GANG garden in winter. Notice the frozen daikon radish . . .


Old brassicas.


Hoop house winter greens.

hoophouse greens


Looking over to DeKist roof (and south facing solar peeking above).


Shy is re-roofing Overhill.




The red roof in the background is on the property of the house next door, the one due to be incorporated permaculturally in the spring. That used to be a chicken house! We’ll be able to get five more chickens and enlarge their domain.

Here’s that same structure from the backyard of the new DeKist house.


Obviously, we’ve got a lot to do to get permaculture going there. . . Another view:


Meanwhile, Bradley peeked inside the red barn and found, voila!

stairway to loft

loft bed

A sleeping loft above a ladder with Tibetan prayer flags. Overhill house through the window.

We need to oil the tools. . .


Garden bed to the left, in the alley between the original two houses. The goal is, ultimately, to have every inch of the grounds of the three houses integrated into a permacultural flow.

garden bed

footprints in snow

Voila! Over and out! Enjoy!

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