Such-A-Synchroncity Department: On this 4th anniversary of the exopermaculture blog . . .

It’s hard to believe, but it really is true! Today January 22, on the 4th anniversary of the exopermaculture blog, on this very day when I decided a few months ago to either stop this blog entirely, or scale it way down, I receive a message from the universe: Don’t stop! How did this message come? Via the number of people who are finding a repost that I put up on January 19. Over 18000 visitors yesterday, and this morning it’s already up to nearly 13,000. Today’s 4th anniversary total is on track to become the largest ever for a single day on this blog.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.55.10 AM.pngThis has happened before, a post goes relatively viral, pulling my blog up temporarily in numbers. And I imagine the wave will crash again, as it always has (back down to somewhere between 700 and 1000 per day). On the other hand, this one post has already pulled in at least a dozen new “followers” and the very active comment thread on it feels extraordinary in its deep sensitivity, clearly resonating with the unusually empathic tone of the original post itself. Here it is:

How we used to die; how we die now

(And, in another, related, synchronicity, two days ago, I heard from a dear friend of mine who told me that “an idea you seeded” will possibly come to fruition where she and her husband live, on a tiny rural offgrid homestead in the middle of New Mexico. She has long wanted others to live on their land with them. I told her about the idea of establishing a retreat for those who seek to die in their own way. Tiny cabins, perhaps, with others who live on the property offering companionship and help, when needed. That was two years ago. They have now been contacted by a group that wants to establish just such a retreat center. My friend and her husband would give this group part of their land to do this. Very exciting.)

Long-time readers will already notice that I’ve cut back considerably on the number of posts I offer on a daily basis, and now that I’ve decided NOT to stop the blog (thanks, synchronicity!), I will continue to scale down my own offerings to perhaps several per week. We’ll see. The point is, I need to do other things in life besides be saddled to the exopermaculture blog! Like go out on the road, for example, and help facilitate Baby Picture Project potlucks (where we share our baby pictures and one important childhood story) for those who wish to get this initiative started in their own local area! While on the road, I could also read astrological charts, facilitate freewheeling, wide-ranging exopermaculture discussions that link Above and Below β€” and who knows what else!

And, with my freed up time, I also plan to get some long-ripe manuscripts that are still sitting here into at least e-book form, perhaps more.

This blog attracts extraordinary beings. I feel immensely privileged to be able to share in this manner. May the fourth anniversary of the exopermaculture blog commemorate a new start to not just my life, but everyone’s.

Ravenous with hunger,

Exploding with joy,

Sneezing uncontrollably,

Burning with desire.

Reeling with amazement,

Staggered by grief,

Fleeing from danger,

Desperately lost.

Intensity awakens,

Wild attentiveness everywhere.

Ride the shockwave inward,

To touch the Great Self,

The power from which you arise.

β€” from the Radiance Sutras, #95.





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  1. Dixie Damron says:

    Thank you for all that you do. I am inspired constantly by your blog. I am so happy to hear that you will keep it going!

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