Former Hiroshima Mayor on the Ethical Status of the Nine Nuclear States

During this climactic end-game of our so-called “civilization,” let us address first things first. And THIS — is first.

Via Rose.

Former Hiroshima Mayor: The Nine Nuclear Weapons States Lack Moral Leadership

January 20, 2015

by Robert Barsocchini



Afshin Rattansi interviews former mayor of Hiroshima Dr Tadatosh Akiba.

  • The two most important events of WW2 were the Holocaust and nuclear bombings. Nazi-style concentration camps are now almost universally condemned. That nuclear weapons continue to exist in nine states is atrocious.
  • With its nuclear testing, the US “created a Hell out the beautiful South Pacific islands”, which are now bringing an ICJ lawsuit against the nine nuclear weapons states to attempt to push them towards their legal duty to disarm.
  • “Having a nuclear button should be a shame for that country. … [The] nine nuclear weapons states should be categorized as countries that clearly lack moral leadership…”
  • “The thinking that says pushing the button is a manly act, a courageous act, should be attacked. … The existence of the button itself is contrary to human values.

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