Imagine: Your high school geometry course started with this film . . .

Via Zen Gardner


Would not you the be excited to discover how Nature works? How such elegance is embedded in Her? Would not these abstract codes fascinate?

And how do we learn anything, how are we inspired, indeed driven to learn anything, until and unless we are so fascinated that we cannot stop until we understand. For when we are in that zone of discovery, we “lose track” and time stops. Space expands to infinity. We are right here, NOW.

And if every question explodes into further questions, then no wonder we want to keep on learning! To paraphrase the poet Whitman, “we are large, we contain multitudes.”

After all, we’re part of Nature, too. And our body/mind/soul quintessence pulses with the intensifying Mystery.

Toss aside your map of the world,

All your beliefs and constructs.

Dare the wild unknown.


Here, in this terrifying freedom,

Naked before the universe,

Commune with the One

Who knows everything from the inside:

Invisible power pervading everywhere.

Divine presence permeating everything.


Breathe tenderly as

The lover of all beings.

— Gateway 85, The Radiance Sutras:




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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Having minored in math and now addicted to Sudoku puzzles I loved Cristobal’s movie.
    Thank you Ann for introducing me to her. Jean

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