Ramping Up: From “Holding Space” to “Activation” (Part I, Garden Tower event)

Yesterday, for me, was filled with community activity: Afternoon, a Garden Tower Project event, and in the evening, as will be documented in Part 2, our weekly Community Dinner, which this time, would be . . . PERUVIAN!

I found out about the GT event when Amy emailed her list of GT supporters, with this message:

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.49.13 PM.pngFor their first community work day, Amy had invited a group of home-schooled children to fill the towers to be used in the study.


Here’s what the towers look like now, filled with kale. They’ve been in the greenhouse for I’m not sure how many weeks.

garden towers.jpg

Here’s what one of the towers looks like that was only yesterday put in a greenhouse. Notice the difference.

garden tower.JPGOn the right side of the picture is a container box that holds a large vat for water (like the kind used for cattle), which will be heated by pipes on the outside, themselves to be heated by the piles we mixed up yesterday for the compost to be poured into the straw bale enclosures. Here’s one of five possible designs:

version.3 again?

Here’s another:


Yesterday’s event featured three kids and a bunch of adults. Here we are, milling around before beginning to mix the materials.

getting ready

Here’s Colin (my son) with Jonathan. (Colin injured his back, so can’t help.)

Colin with Jonathan

We’re going to blend a tiny bit of compost into wood chips —

compost:wood chips unmixed

by folding the tarp from each corner and pulling —

mixing.2mixingThat’s me, in the blue hat and nearly new white leather gloves (which I unfortunately lost while there. Damn!) Amy to my left.

Done! Now to scoops it into containers —

putting it in container

and pour into enclosure.

pouring it inOkay, one done, four to go.

one done.JPGP.S. Amy told me that evening, at the Community Dinner that I will post on next, that they did manage to fill all five so that the study can actually begin. Which design will prove most efficient, using only sun to heat the compost which heats the pipes, which heats the air inside them, which heats the water, which heats the greenhouse?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Tweed Meyer says:

    Wonderful to see this work and the conversation around it!

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