Astrological reflections on David Bowie’s birth chart and day of death

Update, 1/17/15: And see this, especially the quote:

“He insisted on spectacle. What struck me was that Bowie was from some other place, he wasn’t of this planet and he was cool with that,” Parson said.


Over the past 24 hours it has been slowly dawning on me that David Bowie’s exquisitely timed deathing process may have been designed as a subtle, but extremely potent ceremony to help humanity erase/fuse/dilute/efface the artificial walls our civilization has erected between

Death and Life

Earth and Cosmos

Human and ET

I don’t have time (or inclination!) to make “rational” arguments for this possibility. See, however, my discussions of this year’s in and out Saturn/Neptune square (here and here), plus my post two days ago —

This Time of Intensity Fuels Expanding Unity

— as well as my post-death posts on Bowie (here and here).

Today I put up his astro chart (by astrodienst) —

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.43.09 PMand note that the day of his exquisitely timed death, January 10, 2016 (only two days after he released his final album, Black Star), happened to coincide with this year’s first New Moon, at 19° Capricorn, only two degrees past his natal Capricorn Sun/Mars conjunction, and square his natal Neptune in Libra. See: New Moon in Capricorn

Plus transit Mars, on his deathing day, occupied 3° Scorpio, exactly square his natal Leo Moon (itself conjunct to Saturn/Pluto)! And transit Uranus, at 16° Aries, exactly squared his Sun/Mars!

That was one magnificent day to suddenly (Uranus) and propulsively (Mars) exit the body while trailing clouds of glory (Neptune), which if we are very very fortunate, we can ride the wispy edges of to further dissolve all those separations that keep us frozen in place, forever “afraid”: TO DIE!

Background: Transit Pluto, at 15° Capricorn, has been moving to conjunct his Mars/Sun while squaring Neptune. I cannot help but feel that Bowie timed his “death” according to a deeply running Neptune/Pluto clock: Neptune the planet of cosmic, oceanic love, dissolving all boundaries; Pluto the planet of power, primal power, governing death, rebirth, death, rebirth . . .

Or, more likely, his own prodigious gifts and lessons having been completely explored and expressed, this remarkable being blasted out of this prison-planet and solar system matrix altogether, for parts unknown.

As David Bowie played with Life, so it appears that he played with Death. Only a master can identify with his larger self beyond both “life” and “death” and utilize each of them equally — for transformation. May we pick up where he left off.


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