Was/Is David Bowie An ET?

The androgyny, all that shapeshifting . . . Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity, The Man Who Fell to Earth.

What do you do, for a living I mean. Oh, I’m just a visitor . . .

Even the International Space Station offers tribute:

Alternatively, might Bowie have been MK Ultra mind-controlled, with his various guises his “alters”? See this analysis of his movie Labyrinth.

Somehow I doubt it. The massive creativity was just too constant, exploratory, fearless, collaborative, far-reaching, all-embracing, ever-evolving. And yes, conscious, even in his dying, perfectly timed to the release of final album Blackstar: David Bowie disincorporated his way.

So fascinating, so huge, so out-of-this-world intense. Which makes me wonder, again: Was/is David Bowie an ET? Could any mere human have done what he did with such regularity, verve, and finesse? If not, I can’t wait to meet some ETs.

David Bowie’s Perfect Farewell


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