Uranus/Pluto with Neptune: This Time of Intensity Fuels Expanding Unity

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A.K. Reader: An Overview of the Uranus/Pluto square inside Neptune’s transit through Pisces

Have you noticed, as we head into 2016, how The Intensity has ramped up, via various theologies and ideologies people hold, whether young or old, muslim or black or transgendered, or 99% v. 1% — or whatever! Bottom line? We’re all in this together, and: we’re at each other’s throats.

“All in this together” = Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (2011-2025).

“At each other’s throats” = the now waning, but still powerful, Uranus square Pluto (2011-2016).

Yes. That famous Zeitgeistian Uranus/Pluto signature happens to be immersed in what we might call a much vaster “cosmic amniotic fluid.” The fluid of far-away Neptune, voyaging through its home sign of Pisces, along with the healing balm of Chiron. And this thick sweet warm Neptunian frequency field in which our volatility is immersed makes it impossible for the hard edges that define us, divide us — NOT to melt!

Everywhere, people coming at each other with sharp angles — and guns! Suddenly, guns r us! Guns are”all the rage,” they stamp new/old meaning into that word. And yet, notice that seldom, in even our uncivil society, does that internal rage actually erupt in physical violence. Furthermore, notice that the rate of violent crime (except for police-perpetrated violence) in the U.S. has been decreasing since at least 1993! In 2013, violent crime decreased another 0.02%.

And when violence does erupt, and gets promoted by the MSM, notice how, at this point, whatever happened always feels like a false flag, a deliberate set up, no matter how “they” try to spin it. Furthermore, for each of these nasty incidents, besides those who chew on such things mentally, allowing “FEAR” (false evidence appearing real) to invade their psyches, there is a growing responsiveness on the part of the general public — either to the plight of the victims (come your tired, your poor, your hungry) or, if the victim’s plight is a little too close to home — if one can imagine that this might also happen to me — then the responsiveness vanishes, transforms into an automatic, instinctual reaction. Suddenly, we no longer see “the perps” as human; we cry out to kill them, get rid of them, send them home. (Send them back to the land that Empire has already destroyed?) Some variation of that.

We judge/identify with the perps and identify with/judge the victims. — or not! For wait, there’s more! We’re not done yet! Each of these incoming/outgoing waves of feeling can be mapped as one step on a ladder. It seems as if we are crushing each other below with each step, but actually, we are all raising ourselves up together. The field itself moves, thickens, swirls with life and energy, beaming brilliant light into the deepest corners of memory.

We’ve torn the mask off our former bland faces, and are expressing ourselves with all the fury and passion that the long-throttled slide into when freed up through some kind of deeply rooted explosion in the collective unconscious that is clearly, and more and more quickly, intensely, erupting now. As a result, that unified field of love must vibrate at an ever-higher high rate of speed to be able to cushion all the threads and pockets within it which MSM-induced Fear has contaminated.

And yet, and yet.

LOVE does vanquish Fear. Always. When we are filled with the abundant blessing of the universe, we can go anywhere, do anything, and know we are protected by “all the angels in heaven” — so to speak! And we might as well speak that way, because it’s true! Legions of other- and inter-dimensional beings attend our suffering, and our awakening, out of the gloom of mid-winter, which finally hit here, with a thud, two nights ago, just after my newly reroofed porched leaked (in a number of places). The cold north wind moved in and froze that towel I used to sop up the wet, in place. It’s still there, as if frozen to the floor to form a single unit, which, one might say, these two now are! As I said, with Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, the edges of everything, everything, blend, DISSOLVE.

As 2016 ramps up, we either try to hide our heads in the sand or else we learn how to stride, unscathed, through a battlefield of increasing intensity, heads flying in every which direction, hurled back and forth by warring forces of belief. Whose god is the right god, or the only god! That’s what the bankster/MIC tries to do, pit us against each other, using especially polarities between religious and political belief systems as clanking prisons that threaten to collide with each other while strutting in front of each other. The subterfuge works. Beliefs do matter. Beliefs get buried into the matter of our heads, our brains. We can’t imagine who we would be without our precious beliefs. Our beliefs define us, cushion us, coddle us, justify us, celebrate us! Each of us a belief system of one, geared to the self, and it’s needs and wants. Or not!

Some of us have entered the Neptunian field consciously; we stand here, buffeted by The Intensity, as guardians, balancers, centers of awareness who deeply feel the embrace of the Cosmic Mother. Filled to the brim with her LOVE — what can we do but spread that love everywhere — everywhere? No distinctions.

Image: http://ooookatioooo.deviantart.com/art/The-Great-Cosmic-Mother-288136876

Image: http://ooookatioooo.deviantart.com/art/The-Great-Cosmic-Mother-288136876



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  1. Raven says:

    Another aspect to look at is one that I find is the most positive. The aspect of the Venus trine Neptune. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus all thou many know Neptune deals with intuition among the other thing that come under it’s influences is unconditional love. Venus is in direct trine to Neptune from Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces. Together this aspect can open not just our minds but our hearts in an almost spiritual way. That opening may not just be to our fellow man but to something even greater.

    Blessed Be

    • I was focused on long-lasting outer transits, but the Venus connection is a good one. Also, we need to be celebrating Mars, now in Scorpio, about to start trining Neptune for about ten days. YES!

  2. Raven says:

    I know about the trine. Also Juno is gone to be around the 10 degree in Scorpio as well. You can add Sigma in Cancer at around 11 degrees and Tisiphone at around the 9 degrees Pisces I don’t have the chart in front of me so not sure of the seconds. When I seen the Venus I though finally the start of something good.

    Blessed Be

  3. Raven says:

    If you have not listen to Jeff Harman he was on Vertias and he was excellent.

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