Funny Flyers from around the world . . .

Literally couldn’t stop laughing. This single post is, for me, the antidote to all the new and ongoing depressing stuff I could have reposted. The buoyant human spirit, so fantastic! Rather than shrinking in fear or freezing in fury, let’s revel in our unparalleled sense of humor.

Whoever Put Up These Hysterical Flyers Is A Brilliant Mastermind

FEBRUARY 17, 2015

Whenever you lose a pet or want to sell furniture, the most simplistic and old-school way to get your message across is to hang up a flyer on a street post. It’s easy to do because all you need is paper and a few staples to make people aware of your cause. However, hilarious pranksters from around the world have adopted this practice and taken it to a new level by posting joke signs. These signs aren’t meant to advertise anything. They are there just to make you smile.

(via EbaumsWorld)

I hope these sign makers got their comedic message across and didn’t confuse anyone in the process. Perhaps some people were really looking forward to those unicorn riding lessons and feel duped by the whole thing.

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